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3 Best Austin Pet Rescues

  • 1156 W Cesar Chavez St, Austin • Clarksville
    Julie Joyce - Wonderful animal rescue group. They find animals that are in danger of being euthanized, take them to their shelter for rehabilitation and, hopefully, adoption.
    Ryan Burke - Austin Pets Alive is a no-kill shelter located in downtown Austin.

    I rescued a pit bull- the breed is my favorite. They get a bad rap because some some people brutalize them. My pup is a laid back, 100lb lap dock. He's a fantastic companion.

    This group is a great organization. If you want a dog or a cat, please make this your first stop; you will find a great pooch and rescue is the way to go (in my opinion).
    Theresa Doyle - Working in the world of trap, neuter and release this place has saved so many kitties for us!
    recommended by Alden William, Elexa Martinez
  • 7201 Levander Loop, Austin • East Austin
    Julie Joyce - We just adopted a sweet little 8 month old kitty from Desperate Housecats and it was such a good experience. We had originally contacted them about a different cat, but after hearing what we were looking for they recommended a cat named Tessa and that is the cat we adopted. She is a little shy, but coming out of her shell a little more everyday. She is such a sweet little thing, I know she will fit in great with our family.
  • 537 Woodward St, Austin

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