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Best Bellevue Health Pros

  • 2700 Northup Way, Bellevue
    Lisa Hufford - Tiffany Spanier is the best pediatrician!
    Michele Mehl - Dr. Label is great
    Karen Starns - the whole team at Allegro in bellevue is great. I think we've seen them all
  • 14420 Bel-Red Rd 203, Bellevue
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - best bedside manner, runs on time, very professional, trust him implicitly- my kids even enjoy going to the dentist
    Colin Riley - As far as dentist appointments go, Dr. Nov makes it tolerable, even enjoyable, and I rank dentist appointments as my least favorite way to spend time.
    recommended by Jon Staenberg, Greg Gottesman
  • 1515 116th Ave NE, Bellevue
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - I grew up going to Dr. Jim Rosenwald- he is amazing
    Adam Tratt - My teeth speak for themselves. Just look at those choppers!
    recommended by Larry Cohen
  • 1200 112th Ave NE C160, Bellevue
    Detlef Schrempf - Personal and responsive doctor and staff. Email/web portal platform for communication
    Hadi Partovi - Dr. Antony Egnal is regularly ranked the Eastside’s best family doctor. He’s wonderful
    recommended by Negar Partovi
  • 11 105th Ave SE, Bellevue
    Detlef Schrempf - Personal, great people person and very good. great staff
    Arry Yu - Been going since 2002 - he's the only dentist that professes passionately that he LOVES his job. It shows.
  • 4100 Factoria Blvd SE Suite C, Bellevue
    Dan Sundgren - Aaron and Brandon are at the top of their game and their entire office really takes care of their patients!
    recommended by Phil Bogle
  • 1810 116th Ave NE 100, Bellevue • Belltown
    Matt Gamboa - He is an expert in Psoriasis and even runs and participates in Psoriasis awareness events. He has a soft and kind personality and a great reputation for his field of work.
    Matthew Berk - Dr. Liu was the last stop on the dermatology merry go round for me. He listens to what’s really going on, and gives you the real skinny on treatment.
  • 1200 112th Ave NE, Bellevue
    Melinda Torres - This office is totally geared for kids, and the team there is wonderful.
  • 14405 NE 20th St, Bellevue
    Matt Gamboa - I saw Alexie for several years. She really helped to improve my back pains and was very comfortable to work with.
    Tatyana Sussex - Gentry and Alexie not only provide body-healing amazing service, they are the kind of people who make you feel loved, and create an amazing community with their patients.
  • 1560 140th Ave NE STE 100, Bellevue
    Vaneeta - She's magic. I've seen Dr. Pentz for several injuries over the years and had experiences where I've come in, unable to move my neck at all, to having full range of motion by the time I leave her office. She also specializes in women's health and helped me prepare for the birth of my son, as well as put me back together postpartum. I had diastasis recti (abdominal separation) of about 3 inches. She helped me close it up in a a couple of months! Book in advance because it's hard to get in with her!
    Nicholas S Smith - Hilary is an exceptional PT. Highly skilled, great to work with, and incredibly knowledgeable about her profession. She's a magician.


Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right health pro? Ask your friends.
Looking for a nutritionist in San Francisco. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
2 replies
Last reply 15 days ago
Liz Pearce Hi, Dino - on a recent trip, I got to know nutritionist Nan Foster. She was great and I think would be excellent to work with. Might be worth reaching out to.
Nan Foster Thank you Liz. Hi Dino. I'd be happy to discuss your goals and see if I can help. I am a health coach and am currently studying functional medicine to address chronic symptoms including weight, pain, headaches, digestive issues etc. and uncover and treat root causes.
I’m looking for a dentist in Renton, any recommendations?
eye doctor for hubby
4 replies
Last reply 4 months ago
Adam Doppelt Once you have your prescription, order glasses online from Zenni. We’ve been using them for a few years. Quality & selection are great, and you can order four pairs for like $100!
Alicia Nakamoto Oculus. Dr. Jeff Woerner- AWESOME
Steve Banfield 2nd vote for Eyes on You Seattle
In need of a Rheumatologist. Recently moved back to Seattle and it’s been hard to find one in the Bellevue area. None listed here on Fresh Chalk ei...
3 replies
Last reply 17 days ago
Adam Doppelt A good friend of mine recommends the Polyclinic Rheumatology clinic, though her specific doctor retired recently.
Colleen Kennedy Not in the Bellevue area, but in Seattle. Janice Gupta at Minor and James is great.
Linda Chow You might try Dr Kent Ta in Bellevue at Overlake Arthritis. He is very professional and thorough, as well as very personable.
Fresh Chalkers! Would love recommendations on great acupuncturists in either downtown or Montlake— thank you!
12 replies
Last reply 2 months ago
Snezana Popovic I love Dr. Barnett who is naturopath, nutritionist and does acupuncture. She helped me a lot this year with an eating plan, short detox and my carpal tunnel issues. Located close to REI in downtown with a parking. Takes various insurance.
Pepper's Personal Assistants Another vote for
Bruce Jaffe Slow to reply here. Matt Sullivan is the best. Truly.