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10 Best Decatur Restaurants

  • 131 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur
    Dakota Stern - Awesome service, a relaxing deck, and a great Location!
    Jordan Cook - Leon's does not disappoint. Someone took me here when I was new to Atlanta, and so I brought my family when they came to visit - they approved.
    recommended by Rebecca W
  • 303 E Howard Ave, Decatur
    recommended by Dakota Stern
  • 121 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur
    recommended by Dakota Stern
  • 1042 W College Ave, Decatur
    Lynne Tanzer - After 13 months without a single solitary date night, my husband and I headed to Wahoo! grill in Decatur. The evening was incredibly romantic.
    We perused the mouthwatering menu in a beautiful garden lit with crystal chandeliers and listened to the birds and the trains while we talked.
    We were seated far enough away from other tables to feel comfortable and we were politely asked to put on our masks if staff approached the table and if we needed to use the restroom, which I thought was much better than just putting up signs. The main course was good, but it was really the ambiance that sold the place to me. That and the incredible pot de creme that I had for dessert. Coarse flakes of sea salt were floating on creamy caramel sauce and I savored every bite.
    My husband said that he'd go back for the cheese grits alone.
    A delightful choice for date night if you're in Decatur.
  • 127 E Ct Square, Decatur
    recommended by Liloo Manhoff
  • 308 W Ponce de Leon Ave Ste B, Decatur
    Dakota Stern - Café Lily is a neighborhood bistro located in Decatur, GA offering an eclectic variety of cuisines from around the Mediterranean Sea.
  • 359 W Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur
    recommended by Dakota Stern
  • 125 E Ct Square, Decatur
  • 3085 Main St, Duluth
    Melissa Gallagher - I'm totally biased because my husband is a partner at Good Word, BUT a recent visit confirmed that they are one of the best breweries (and restaurants) in town. All of their beers are incredible. The Die Todd Die Pils is crisp and gulpable. Their Ophelia is just tart enough to be quenching with enough body to balance it. The Bathroom Selfie IPA is like a bittersweet clementine. They have done so many great collaborations, it'd be impossible to name them all. In addition, the food menu right now is insanely good. I went for brunch, and we ordered a little bit of everything and I will lie awake at night thinking about their avocado toast (which sounds #basic, but it was executed to perfection!). Bias aside, I think you'll be impressed!
  • 2118 N Decatur Rd, North Decatur
    Mark Taylor II - This chef doesn’t chicken around wit’ her flavors and creativity. The black-owned restaurant provides organic + gluten free food with vegan and Pesce-pollotarian mouth-watering dishes that you’ll definitely want to dive into.

    Their soulful menu rotates on a regular, so you want to follow them on social media, too for menu updates and specials at and

    My first meal consisted of a soulful helping of their crispy BBQ Chicken & and fluffy gluten-free Waffles.

    Cannabis foodies can request a CBD infused option for added health benefits and relaxation, but of course, non-infused meals are served, too!

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