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6 Best Denver Dog Trainers

  • 1835 S Vallejo St, Denver • Ruby Hill
    M Way - My family and I adopted a new puppy, Bruno, and we went to Google to try to resolve the puppy issues. We then attended a group puppy class and taught my pup the basics, but we got to a point where we flatlined. Our dog would preform behaviors with food, but when there was a more interesting thing than our food, like a bunny or a dog walking past our gate, we lost his attention. The foundation from the group puppy class only worked initially. Our neighbor had worked with Pavlov and we saw her dogs' transformation. We wanted in on the action! Pavlov did not disappoint! Our dog will now walk immediately to our left without pulling or giving any pressure on the leash. We even learned how to walk her off leash for when we go to my family's property during the summer. She loves her dog trainer and we do, too. Now our neighbors are asking about where she learned how to walk so nicely. Thank you, Pavlov!
    recommended by Lynn Carrol
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  • 2876 S Glencoe St, Denver • University Hills
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  • 2000 W 8th Ave, Denver • Lincoln Park
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  • 9797 W Colfax Ave, Denver
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  • 5555 W Evans Ave, Denver • Harvey Park
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