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Need help finding the right photographer? Ask your friends.
I'm looking for a photographer who takes solid team and employee portraits for our upcoming all-hands where my entire company (15 people) will be i...
7 replies
Last reply 4 months ago
Snezana Popovic I recommend Ana from Ana Bella Photography. She does company photos as well as being a very accomplished wedding and family photographer. She is nice, accommodating, cheerful and pleasure to work with.
Ben Shorr Tom Marks Photography - he's fantastic and I think company photos are part of his practice. Good luck!
Maria D'Angelo Thanks everybody! Looking forward to reaching out to these recs :)
Looking for a headshot photographer for kids (for professional headshots for acting stuff) Thanks
14 replies
Last reply 19 days ago
Shannon Garbaccio Hi Edward and Carl, I have taken several kids shots for their comp cards. And I used to be a producer who worked with casting agents a lot so I am familiar with what is needed. If you haven't found what you're looking for, please give me a call, happy to talk to you more about what you need. Thank you!
Edward Nevraumont Following up: We ended up going with a recommendation that came in through this discussion: We were really happy with both the process and the results: Recommended!
Carl Haynes Thanks for all the recommendations, and following up. We ended up going with Susan Doupé in Greenwood after my daughter saw the shots on her website. We did the shoot last weekend and were really happy with the process, we shot outside and Susan was very patient and supportive and would recommend. (I didn't see a profile for Susan on here)