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Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who can provide an organic treatment for ants. As it gets warmer, we tend to get sugar/protein ants i...
3 replies
Last reply about 11 hours ago
Ryan Bruss Hey @Marston it looks like Parker Eco Pest Control has some good recommendations. I haven't used them, but they seem to be well liked.
Adam Doppelt I've tried organic solutions before with mixed results at best. The only one I haven't tried is the diatomaceous earth, but your report is not encouraging. At the moment we use borax. You can make the traps at home or buy at the store. It's not toxic or carcinogenic. Don't eat it, though. I try not to put a trap where my dog can reach.
Marston Gould My challenge is that I keep bees and almost all of the chemical treatments are not bee friendly.
Hi! Anyone have dog rescue places that they've used to adopt their furry friend that are reputable? We looked into Ginger's Pet Rescue but we've fo...
12 replies
Last reply 3 months ago
Jennifer Haller You can start first by fostering, it’s a great way to find just the right forever dog. Dog Gone Seattle has a great foster-to-adopt program.
Brian Glaister We did that at Seattle Humane too. Were only supposed to have our pooch for a weekend and it's been over 3 years now and she is never going back... except when we stop at the mud bay store inside for treats on the way back from a hike at the pass 😁
Casey O'Donnell Pet Finder is amazing! Its super easy to use and we now have an amazing rescue puppy!
I need a groomer for my wirehaired pointing griffon. Specifically someone that knows how to do hand stripping
1 reply
Last reply 4 months ago
Liz Pearce Do you show your dog? I poked around a couple places that were recommended by friends, and Kristi's in Capitol Hill might do it (they do a lot of show dogs). They suggested bringing your dog in for a consultation.
Looking for a client a great dog training camp!? One where they will keep for overnights! They are in the Mercer Island area! Thanks!!
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Last reply 3 months ago
Liz Pearce I think this is what Sensitive Dogs does… @JEForbes might be able to weigh!
Jenny Vaughan Thanks so much @Lizprc !! Appreciate you!