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Marcelo Calbucci
5 months ago • Kirkland
I've moved back to the area a few months ago and I need to pick a new PCP. Any strong recommendations around Kirkland? I just want to be prepared i...
1 reply
5 months ago
Meredith Fife I have heard great things about Dr. Antony Egnal and his clinic. Hope this helps.
Maria D'Angelo
5 months ago • Capitol Hill
My family has a history of thyroid issues and I've had a few symptoms lately that might be evidence of thyroid issues of my own. Does anybody have ...
3 replies
5 months ago
Jennifer Haller I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Leslie, she is fantastic.
Adam Doppelt Shannon's whole family has thyroid issues, unfortunately... You need to see Dr. Shannon Heitritter at Polyclinic. She's quite good.
Leslie Feinzaig My uncle is the former president of the American Endocrine Association and he recommended I see Dr. Tylee. I've been seeing her for years for my thyroid. She's excellent.
Della Glein
5 months ago • Wallingford
Does anyone have a home healthcare recommendation for the south end?
5 replies
5 months ago
Sima Kahn I have had a good experience with Sound Options, and the client was in the south sound region. If you mean the south end of Seattle, I also like With a Little Help. I hope one of those works!
Della Glein Thank you! I'll check them out. I'm really looking for something in the Auburn area, but I'll see if they serve that area. Thank you for the tip on employee vs contractors.
Shannon Garbaccio Here is another option - Eldercare Navigators Heather is an amazing, knowledgeable and compassionate person. She has a wealth of information and resources to help people navigate the system. She can help with the smallest to the largest needs!
Matt Gamboa
7 months ago • Bellevue
In need of a Rheumatologist. Recently moved back to Seattle and it’s been hard to find one in the Bellevue area. None listed here on Fresh Chalk ei...
3 replies
6 months ago
Adam Doppelt A good friend of mine recommends the Polyclinic Rheumatology clinic, though her specific doctor retired recently.
Colleen Kennedy Not in the Bellevue area, but in Seattle. Janice Gupta at Minor and James is great.
Linda Chow You might try Dr Kent Ta in Bellevue at Overlake Arthritis. He is very professional and thorough, as well as very personable.
Jennifer Haller
8 months ago • Bitter Lake
Looking for an orthodontist for my 13 year old daughter. Specifically someone who is comfortable with lowest-impact intervention. (Our previous ort...
4 replies
7 months ago
Shannon Garbaccio I highly recommend Dr. Amrit Burn's office. See my recommend's page for more details. Both my kids are working with her and the entire office is amazing. My favorite part about Dr. Burn is that she is very conservative. We really value that, too, and I really trust her. She really customizes her treatment plans to each patient, and errs on the side of less is more. Let her know I sent you!
Maile Bohlmann We love Ballard Orthodontics! The team there is friendly and enthusiastic every single time. Our son has done invisalign and it looks like he will even finish ahead of schedule. Appointments have been a breeze and there hasn't been any anxiety about it all. Highly recommend!
Liz Pearce We had great luck with Dr. Wong in Cap Hill. The practice is super flexible and responsive. My daughter actually feels comfortable going to her appointments on her own! We did Invisalign there.
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