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Best Lawrenceville Restaurants

Restaurants Near Lawrenceville

  • #2 in Cumming
    12 Tri-County Plaza, Cumming
    Kristie Presten - Authentic Mexican fare that's affordable for the entire family. Family owned and established in Cumming for more than a decade.
  • 3885 Venture Dr, Duluth
    Dakota Stern - This restaurant offers a modern mixture of Western Oriental tastes and flavors.
  • 3. Grub
    #4 in Cumming
    410 Peachtree Pkwy 204, Cumming
    Kristie Presten - My favorite dish is the Turkey Pesto Salad! I get it every.single.time. YUM!
  • Clarkston Village Shopping Center, 926 Montreal Rd E, Clarkston
    Dakota Stern - We decided to go here to have their buffet lunch, and we ordered a side of veggie samosas off the menu. Everything was delicious! We'd definitely go back.
  • 6198 Memorial Dr, Stone Mountain
    recommended by Michael Cason
  • #10 in Cumming
    1050 Buford Rd, Cumming
    Kristie Presten - Family owned. Offers Cajun and American dishes. I've had the Cauliflower Steak and it was great for a vegetarian option.
  • 4800 Lawrenceville Hwy 4, Lilburn
    recommended by Hugo Mora
  • 5370 Stone Mountain Hwy 1030, Stone Mountain
    Michael Cason - I really like their Hawaiian pizza.
  • 2671 Centerville Hwy suite A, Snellville
    recommended by KG Grant
  • 6385 Spalding Dr STE E, Norcross
    1.7k karma

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