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10 Best San Francisco Gyms

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Jenny Wang
4 months ago • San Francisco
Does anyone know if or when SoulCycle or any spin classes in SF might reopen? I saw they have reopened in the Hamptons and LA for outdoor classes. ...
2 replies
4 months ago
Adam Doppelt Hey Jenny. My understanding is that they are trying to reopen some spots w/ outdoor classes, but each location has to lease space, run electrical, get permitted, etc. They are in a rush because the survival of the business depends on it. Takes time, though. They've also closed many locations permanently and laid off employees, partly due to Covid but also due to increased competition from Peloton and other spin franchises.

There's a list of open locations here - but I don't think any SF locations are open. Feel like heading to San Jose? :P

Honestly I was going to take some classes but I bailed when they announced that Trump fundraiser. Got a Peloton instead and we are happy so far.
Jenny Wang Thank you so much Adam for this helpful answer and for looking into the latest updates. I really appreciate it! Maybe I'll get a Peloton too!
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