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Best Seattle Food Stamps/Ebts

  • Ada Developers Academy - Lots of Ada students use Washington’s EBT/food stamp program to make it easier to access fresh groceries on zero-income during the classroom portion of the program. We recommend going to a DSHS office in-person so you that you can complete your interview at the same time and talk to a real human about Ada if they’re confused by it. Try to go early in the morning to keep your wait time short.

    Students sometimes hit snags because DSHS holds them to “student eligibility requirements” regarding work or volunteer time. However, Ada DOES NOT actually qualify as an institution of higher education by their standards because we don’t require a high school diploma/GED and there are no work-study opportunities. Therefore, you should not be held to student eligibility requirements. Bring your enrollment confirmation letter, and Sarah can write you a customized letter if they need to know more about Ada.

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