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6 Best Seattle Home Decors

  • Carly Kiser - My experience with Havenly was the first time hiring an interior designer. I was initially cautious of the experience because I had heard so many stories of interior designers pulling together beautiful spaces but completely disregarding budgets which wasn't something that was going to work for us. The Havenly team was so helpful and thoughtful of our budget the entire time, and helped us think through the tradeoffs we were going to be making by saying "yes" to a particular choice. They helped me translate all of my Pinterest boards into the rooms that were actually in my home (i.e. we have 9 ft ceilings not 20ft ceilings like a lot of my inspiration photos). Because we were doing our entire house, they helped us pull together an overall pallet color for the whole home and together we made paint and material choices from tile to furnishings.
  • Washington
    Erin McDonald - Favorite Etsy shop ever, I've got a few signs made and they are great quality, price, shipping and shop owner is super professional.
  • 2920 NE Blakeley St, Seattle
    Maggie Williams - Love this store and all of the treasures they find.
  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
  • 1500 W Armory Way, Seattle • Interbay
  • 1512 Willow Creek Rd

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