3 Best Seattle Pet Rescues

  • PO Box 27424 Seattle • Downtown
    Erin McDonald - We rescued a pup through Dog Gone Seattle and thought the process was organized and thorough. Expect to apply for a few dogs but when you get a meet and greet with the foster parent it can be a quick turnaround!
    Jennifer Haller - We foster with Dog Gone Seattle - a very well-run organization!
    JoAnne Jaspan - Dog Gone Seattle partners with overwhelmed, bursting-at-the-seams, high-kill shelters in other states to transport “adoptable” dogs to Washington. Here they have a better chance of finding homes. (apparently we have more dogs than kids in King County!) They are a great transparent organization.
  • Rachel Lazar - We LOVE Saving Great Animals and adopted both of our sweet pups from them!
  • recommended by John Cheng

Pet Rescues Near Seattle