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6 Best Seattle Record Stores

  • 1520 10th Ave, Seattle
    Sharlese Metcalf - I love visiting Everyday Music and digging for music, new and old and KEXP DJ Hans is usually there working! He is the nicest and always helps me find what I’m looking for! Running into him most recently i asked if he wanted to pick out one of his top albums of the year and combine it with one of my choices to create a special gift idea for the ultimate KEXP lover! Hans chose “Set My Heart of Fine” by Perfume Genius and I chose “All the Time” by Jesy Lanza. Between both of these albums, you’ll receive a full emotional dancing experience brought to you by two amazing artists!
    recommended by Augustina Liu
  • 1205 E Pike St 1c, Seattle
    Travis Ritter - Wall of Sound has been my go-to record store for obscure and niche vinyl for over a decade. The co-owners, who have been running it since 1990, are incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating of special orders, making it easier to support local business instead of ordering direct from distributors and labels. The selection isn't as large as other stores, but it's beautifully curated of all types of micro-genres with a strong emphasis on electronic, experimental/avant garde and music from all over the world. New and CDs are priced very very reasonably, a majority of items that are difficult to find on streaming music platforms. There's a good balance of new and used vinyl, always keeping things fresh within the New Arrivals bins. You'll discover something new to love here. I have rarely left the shop emptyhanded. I'm always blown away by how attentive Michael and Jeffrey been over the years, and have gotten to know my diverse tastes so well, that their new album/artist recommendations are always on point and those albums often become most-played favorites of my year.
    Sharlese Metcalf - Wall of Sound is one of Capitol Hill’s treasures! It’s another great record store to go digging and diving in! They have an interesting selection of titles and gems that I always walk out of there incredibly satisfied that I didn’t have to pay a gazillion dollars in shipping (I have expensive ‘overseas’ music taste when ordering records) and as their website says, they specialize in avante-garde, japanese noise, industrial, art rock, indie, alternative, free jazz, folk, experimental, ambient. World, electronic, electronic-acoustic, neo-classical and so much more! I picked out a couple of fun records that I thought a KEXP listener would enjoy, the “Spezial Edition Fariges” vinyl reissue of Kraftwerk Tour De France and Autechre, surprise 2020 fifteenth studio album “Plus”. These are great gifts for someone who is interested in learning about two seminal electronic bands or you already love them and want the latest releases! The Kraftwerk reissue has a special inserts inside and the Autechre is just necessary for any one of their fans. Also, Michael, a co-owner of Wall of Sound, is very helpful and has great music taste! He will always recommend titles to you as well for the ultimate Wall of Sound shopping experience.
  • 2209 NW Market St, Seattle
    Travis Ritter - Full disclosure: I worked at Sonic Boom when the first RSD happened in 2008. But Sonic Boom has always been the local shop to hit on RSD, with loyal customers forming lines in the early morning hours. They have a pretty wide-ranging selection of RSD-exclusive releases and fill the used new arrival bins with loads of cool and desirable used records just for that day. I am always surprised by the amount of incredible marked down records in the sale bins (I guess I have the taste for obscure records people don’t want).
  • 12330 1/2, Lake City Way NE, Seattle
    Travis Ritter - One of Seattle’s newest record shops opened in Lake City in January 2020, just in time for a pandemic! Despite that, this wonderful store persevered (thanks to servicing online orders with curbside pick-up and a very loyal customer base of Seattle rock legends). Today, they’re still going strong. Though it is relatively small, the shop is well-stocked with all kinds of hot new LP titles from all the indie rock heavy hitters, as well as an abundance of reissues culled from obscurity and a great used LP section and walls lined with rarities. On top of that, they have a few shelves of books, zines and more, curated by one of the co-owners who has an extensive resume in the publishing world. No matter what you’re looking for, it’s impossible to leave this shop empty handed.
  • 472 1st Ave N, Seattle
    Sharlese Metcalf - Light in the Attic Records has a shop located in KEXP and they are such an iconic entity in the music world! They have reissued important albums like the Wheedle’s Groove comps and Rodriguez and Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 comp. If not going to pick up one of their iconic reissues, you can also pick up their great selection of t-shirts either from records they’ve released or repping the shop itself!

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