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Best Washington Home Pros

  • 22708 Cabin Branch Ave. Clarksburg
    Paula Claure - Karen is an amazing business owner! working with her has been amazing! The candles have great quality, she takes care of every little detail, and the smell... is so amazing!
    Jen Carroll - Awesome, high quality products including candles, scrubs and shower steamers. The scents are beautifully created. Candles burn clean and last long; I'll never buy any other brand.
    Rhonda Sellens - Fig & Fire candles are amazing! There’s even shower steamers in the most incredible scents! I highly recommend them for yourself and a unique gift.
  • 128 Branch Rd SE, Vienna
    Paula Claure - The quality of this paint is amazing, you can actually tell the difference, but I think is important to have a good salesperson who can guide you too, in this location we had an amazing experience, they helped us with all the materials and they even found the paint that we needed in another location, they recommended brushes and rollers that were perfect for our project.
    recommended by Romer Garcia
  • recommended by Tra Nguyen
  • Silver Spring
    3.7k karma
  • Paula Claure - If you want to remodel your house I would recommend Alex, he really knows what he is doing and gets the work done in an exceptional time, he is really hardworking and you would see the results fast.
  • Alexandria
    3.6k karma
  • West McLean
    3.5k karma
  • Paula Claure - If you are trying to find someone who can paint interior or exterior or remodeling, I would recommend Angel and his team. They are very good, detail-oriented, and hard-working. I asked for examples of his work and he show me a tone of work he has done in the past with a lot of pride in it, you can see how much effort and detail he puts into it.
  • 2425 Wickliffe Rd, Berryville
    Paula Claure - This is a beautiful tree farm. We did a pre-tag of our tree, it was amazing. We didn't have the problem to be surrounded by a lot of people, it was so calm... we set up a date to pick up our tree, everybody was so nice to us, they helped us with tips on which tree to pick, how to take care of it, they cleaned the tree and even loaded the tree to our car. It's an amazing farm and a beautiful place to take pictures.
  • 2503d N Harrison St, Arlington
    3.4k karma


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Romer Garcia
9 months ago • Sterling
I have a 2019 MBP with a dual monitor setup, so you would say I live in dongle town. What are good docking stations preferably with ethernet input....
0 replies
Stacy Hudson
9 months ago • Alexandria
Been looking for an electrician who can set-up a tv over the fireplace. Anyone know anyone good to use? It’s been hard to get someone to call back!
1 reply
Paula Claure
9 months ago • Vienna
They look great and they have nice prints for their rugs, but they have so many mixed reviews...
1 reply
Paula Claure
9 months ago • Vienna
Something that is not too big but is powerful enough to clean an entire bedroom.
2 replies