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Fresh Chalk is partnering with EnviroStars to promote Environmentally-Conscious Washington Businesses

Posted on The Fresh Chalk Blog • by Yaprak DeCarmine • Wednesday July 24th

We are excited to announce our partnership with EnviroStars!

There are over 590,908 businesses in Washington State, and a few hundred have already taken steps to be environmentally-conscious. We've added 100+ EnviroStars-recognized businesses to Fresh Chalk, making us the first and only recommendations site to feature Washington businesses who’ve achieved the EnviroStars recognition.

Our goal is to highlight and promote these green businesses so that they're easily accessible within our communities. We believe businesses that care about the environment are ones that deserve our business.

Click here to see all of the EnviroStars Green Business certified businesses on Fresh Chalk.

The EnviroStars team took a few moments to answer our questions and help us better understand the importance of the EnviroStars Green Business Program.

What is the EnviroStars Green Business Program?

The EnviroStars Green Business Program is a one-stop shop for Washington businesses to learn, get help, and get recognized for protecting the environment and public health. The program seeks to recognize businesses for their leadership in sustainability, while connecting them to tools and rebates to implement actions to conserve resources and save money.

What are the requirements for a business to receive EnviroStars recognition?

The requirements for a business to receive EnviroStars recognition is completion of the EnviroStars application checklist. This checklist includes green measures across the following sustainability topics:

  • Solid waste diversion
  • Energy conservation
  • Water efficiency
  • Pollution prevention
  • Low-emission transportation options
  • Wastewater management

How did the EnviroStars Green Business Program get started?

The original EnviroStars program began 20 years ago as a part of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County, giving incentives and recognition to small businesses for reducing hazardous waste. The new multi-jurisdiction program is leveraging the successful EnviroStars brand to expand its environmental focus and geographic reach. In 2015, 22 agencies from around Western Washington, including cities, counties, water, waste and energy utilities, have pooled resources to develop and launch the program.

How big is the EnviroStars organization in Washington state?

Currently, 315 businesses are recognized across the state. Another 350 businesses have created an EnviroStars web profile to access information on available green business rebates and resources or have started their application for recognition.

Are there similar organizations outside of Washington state?

Yes! There are partner green business programs in California, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, and New England. There’s a national network, called the Green Business Engagement National Network, that helps connect programs and support the expansion and implementation of better, green business practices.

How can consumers support EnviroStars recognized businesses better?

Recommending them on Fresh Chalk is a great way to spread the word to other consumers! You can support EnviroStars businesses by consuming their products, enjoying EnviroStars business restaurants and entertainment, using their services, and sharing the value of EnviroStars. You can provide testimonials, tell your friends, families, and colleagues, and encourage your favorite businesses to sign up for the EnviroStars program.

Looking for a pro? Find an EnviroStar certified business on Fresh Chalk!