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Meet the Pros: Deana Thayer and Kira Dorrian of Future Focused Parenting

Posted on The Fresh Chalk Blog • by Yaprak DeCarmine • Wednesday July 3rd

Tantrums. Sleepless nights. Defiant attitudes. Bad grades. Bad manners. If you're a parent, you're likely to experience some (or all!) of these challenges with your kids over the years. It's all too easy to feel frustrated and hopeless when you can't work out solutions on your own.

That's why we're excited to learn more about Future Focused Parenting, a parent coaching service offered by Deana Thayer and Kira Dorrian. On paper, Deana and Kira are very different (one is a Christian and the other an agnostic Jew, for instance) but there's one important way in which they're aligned: on the importance of parenting with intention. Their coaching helps parents focus on the long game with their kids, which means developing a  strong 'why' behind the 'what,' and articulating your own set of family values.

In addition to parent coaching, Deana and Kira also host a weekly podcast called Raising Adults, which is available on all major podcast platforms. The show covers a broad range of topics, from manners, chores, and emotional intelligence to drugs and alcohol. If you want practical, down-to-earth parenting advice on demand, it's a great place to start.

While parenting is hard for almost everyone, Deana and Kira are careful to remind us that we're not alone. Below are a few of their recommendations for professionals and organizations that can help:

Mental and Emotional Health

A strong team of experts and support are key to great parenting. We recommend families have a therapist, whether it's for them individually or as a couple.

Nancy Owen, Fierce Waterfall

Physical Fitness, Nutrition Specialist, Postpartum Doula

While your mental health is important, so is your physical health. If you're exhausted, out of shape or not in good health, you're not setting yourself up to be the best parent you can be. We recommend Andrea Vittegleo. She is a postpartum doula, nutrition specialist, and a fitness coach.

Andrea Vittegleo, Dynamic Doula

Community and Support

We shouldn't be parenting in isolation as an island, so, surround yourself with other people that are on this journey with you.

Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS)

PEPS is a Washington-based program designed for early parenting support. Based on your baby's age group, they help you find other parents and primary caregivers within your community. Cutting out long commutes for social visits and establishing a support group of parents you can relate to and problem solve with is extremely valuable.

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