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Meet the Pro: Cameron Olds

Posted on The Fresh Chalk Blog • by Christina Nelson • Friday August 21st

If you have the pleasure of meeting Cameron Olds, you’ll immediately notice that he is not your typical landscaper and general laborer. His passion for his work and his attention to detail set him apart from even his most skilled counterparts. But, Cameron’s superpowers go beyond his talents as a worker—his contagious laugh and bright demeanor leave a lasting impression on everyone who he meets.

When Cameron sets foot on a job site, the people he works with are drawn in by his charm. Cameron often impresses his clients—even skilled mathematicians—with his ability to calculate problems quickly in his head. If you give him your birthdate, he can figure out how old you are down to the day without hesitation, a skill that most of us don’t have.

He has worked at CBC Moving since 2017, helping to keep the business in top shape. However, amidst the changes presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, CBC Moving announced that they are relocating from Kent to Tacoma. While the team would love for Cameron to come with them (he has been recognized as a top employee), the commute will be too long, and Cameron will be out of work in October.

Cameron Needs Your Help Finding a New Job in the Renton Area

Get to know Cameron by watching his video resume and read what he is looking for in a new job.

Video by Celeste Olds

What is Cameron looking for?

Cameron is looking for part-time opportunities (about 20 hours a week) in the Renton area. He is able to travel up to 15 miles away from Renton. Locations easily accessible by bus are preferred.

Cameron’s Skills

  • Yard work and outdoor maintenance, including mowing lawns, weed whacking, weeding, trimming, digging, chopping wood, and picking up garbage--Cameron isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty!
  • General labor, including breaking down boxes, unloading freight, cleaning and sanitizing
  • Organizing, cleaning, painting, and other repetitive tasks that many of us find tedious
  • Operating machinery and learning new operational tasks with supervision

To get in touch with Cameron, contact or follow Cameron on Instagram!

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