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Category: COVID-19 Report

Updated: Seattle COVID-19 Small Business Impact Survey

Tuesday March 17th • by Ryan Bruss

We've updated our report on the Small Business Impact of COVID-19 for Seattle with new results.

Live Seattle Business Status (COVID-19)

Friday March 13th • by Adam Doppelt

Fresh Chalk is maintaining a running list of Seattle businesses and how they are responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 Casts Long Shadow Over Seattle Consumers

Friday March 13th • by Ryan Bruss

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Seattle is having a profound effect on the city. This week we surveyed the Seattle community to take a deeper look at consumer sentiment.

COVID-19 is Killing Small Businesses in Seattle

Thursday March 12th • by Liz Pearce

Small businesses are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 impact in Seattle. When will it end?

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