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The Fresh Chalk Blog

Meet the Pros: Brandon & Brian Madsen, Owners of Madsen Modern

Monday June 3rd
The Madsen brothers and their employees breathe new life into vintage furniture through thoughtful restoration, whether it's the pieces they sell or pieces clients bring to them to be renewed. Their focus area is Scandinavian and American modern furniture from the 1950’s through the 1970’s -- the mid-century modern roots of the contemporary designs the brothers worked with as kids in the 90's.

Meet the Fresh Chalk Team

Tuesday June 4th
Hello, friends and neighbors! We figured it was about time we properly introduced ourselves. We’re the team behind Fresh Chalk, a new site for sharing recommendations for professionals with your friends.

Meet the Pro: Howard Nevitt, Owner of Ravenna Locksmith

Tuesday May 28th
Raised in Seattle, Ravenna Locksmith owner and operator, Howard Nevitt has been serving the Seattle area for over 30 years. In his spare time, Howard is an astronomy buff. Tinkering away with his stargazing telescope, he has captured stunning images of the moon. As a fully licensed, bonded and insured one-stop-shop for all your locksmithing needs, we asked Howard for tips on how to avoid common locksmith scams that are on the rise.

Meet Fresh Chalk Seattle’s #1 Wellness Guru!

Tuesday May 21st
In Seattle, no Fresh Chalk user has offered more recommendations in the Wellness category than Lindsay Pedersen, a Ravenna mom, kick-ass business owner, and new author. We caught up with Lindsay to find out how -- and why -- she makes time for wellness in her busy schedule, and what kind of impact it has on her day-to-day schedule.

Prepping for Wildfire Smoke Season

Monday May 13th
In Seattle we’ve had an unwelcome visitor the past few summers - smoke from wildfires burning in the Pacific Northwest. You might recall lovely photos such as this one from last summer. What will you do when the wildfire smoke returns along with the evil red eye? This post give you tips on how to Mitigate, Monitor, Monkey-Wrench, and Migrate your way out of the smoke.