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People following Elexa Martinez

Austin, TX • 143.4k karma
Living in ATX and working in the nonprofit world • Digital Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Graphic Design • Teenage boy and dog mom • I love exploring new restaurants, live music, and other ATX spots.
San Tan Valley, AZ • 115.0k karma
Military wife, stay at home mom of 5. 3 are grown and out on their own. 2 littles at home who keep me busy with homeschooling, scouts and sports. I'm a teacher, a Cub Scout leader, and a children's pastor. I enjoy cooking and am an independent consultant for Epicure. I embroider and sew on the side. I enjoy reading, hiking and quiet time.
Seattle, WA • 111.4k karma
Co-founder & CEO @ Fresh Chalk. Mom to two awesome kids and a pup. Montlake by day, Montlake by night.
Boulder, CO • 105.6k karma
I am a mom of two boys ages 3 and 4, bonus mom to two kids, son 13 and daughter 16, and two pups! I was born and raised in Colorado and love to enjoy the outdoors in my free time! Being a mom of two young boys means I am always looking for recommendations about parks, businesses and products from people I know and trust!
Indianapolis, IN • 98.9k karma
Nature girl, gardening, and community connections. Mom of three awesome humans and two big fur babies.
Denver, CO • 96.0k karma
Colorado Born. Visionary & Creator. Live Music Lover. Iced Tea Aficionado. Owner of The Moxi Poppy - Creative Co-Op in Historical Morrison, CO + Small Business Branding and Digital Media Consulting
Medway, MA • 93.3k karma
Work from home mama, community volunteer, Girl Scout leader...passionate about family, lake life, reading, scrapbooking, shopping (did someone say sale?!), and sunshine!
Carmel, IN • 92.1k karma
Mom with a passion for helping my community and making the changes I want to see happen in our world.
Austin, TX • 73.6k karma
Long time Austin resident. Know little bits about lots of stuff. Kid stuff, cooking and baking stuff, elementary school stuff, and stuff stuff.
Brookline, MA • 63.0k karma
I'm a Boston based foodie :)
Miami, FL • 61.9k karma
I'm an entrepreneur at heart, mom of two funny girls and wife to a brave man who puts up with us. I enjoy morning runs and afternoon walks with my girls under the tree canopy of our beautiful city.
Cambridge, MA • 57.9k karma
I love to meet people, try new things, and discover places. I would love to share with you my favorite products and services. Follow me for daily tips!
Seattle, WA • 56.8k karma
Fresh Chalk founder and seeker of pros.
Indianapolis, IN • 56.6k karma
Entrepreneur (CEO of InVogue Marketing) specializing in event planning, corporate event staffing and organizational development while also teaching at the local college. Dog-lover who's obsessed with her American Eskimo and Auntie/Bonus Mom to the best kids ever! Love to find small businesses and learn their stories!
Austin, TX • 54.9k karma
UK-born, ATX-based working mum. Life hack huntress. Culture cultivator. Buyer of too many children's clothes.
Atlanta, GA • 53.5k karma
Welcome to my page! My name is Dakota, and I absolutely love my community for all that it is and for all that it does. Atlanta is a fast-growing, international melting pot filled with hidden gems, surrounded by everyday people doing incredible things, and I want you to come share in my adventure! Traveler ✈️ Book Lover 📖 Obsessed with cheese 🧀
Decatur, GA • 53.0k karma
I'm a former boutique owner & current Realtor. I'm a true Libra: lover of design & aesthetics and logic & justice. I strive for conscious consumerism, sustainability, and shopping with heart.
Portland, OR • 52.2k karma
Favorite things in life are my boys, sewing, embroidery, volunteering and sharing my experiences.
Pflugerville, TX • 49.6k karma
Native Texan mom, grandma (G.G.), and great grandma (Great G.G.) Retired after 29 years as a civil servant and loving it! Former military wife and world traveler. God-made, Jesus-saved, and Texas-raised!
Indianapolis, IN • 46.1k karma
Currently a grad student at New England College, working towards an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. I'm 23-years-old, a Graduate Teaching Assistant, & love to travel and experience new foods and surroundings.
Auburn, WA • 38.6k karma
South Sound homeowner, three boys, one dog, longtime runner, and Fresh Chalk team member.
Portland, OR • 37.2k karma
Portland, OR • 34.8k karma
Puyallup, WA • 31.4k karma
A writer, a foodie, and an advocate of the Oxford comma.
Boulder, CO • 29.7k karma
Born in TN and moved to CO last year! Love playing my guitar, drinking beer, and hanging out with friends!
Georgetown, TX • 29.2k karma
New resident of the Austin, Texas area. Enjoy getting to know the communities around me.
Seattle, WA • 29.1k karma
Washington native living with my husband and two dogs in Seattle! We have an old house so love to keep up to date on house-related recommendations, everyday things, and recommended products. I especially love supporting small business' and encouraging word of mouth marketing.
Denver, CO • 26.0k karma
ғaιтн | ғaмιly | ғιтneѕѕ | career | originally from the San Jose, California but now living in Denver, Colorado!
Denver, CO • 25.7k karma
Some of the opportunities I prize most in life are helping local businesses succeed and helping my neighbors to get the best out of their community! We're all in this together...let's help each other out!
Dallas, TX • 23.3k karma
Hello, there! I love sharing recommendations for products and businesses I love, so this site is a dream come true for me. I'm a digital marketer by day and a life coach by night. I have a dog and cat, Willow and Nova, so I'm often buying lots of pet stuff too! Feel free to ask me questions if anything piques your interest :)
Atlanta, GA • 23.3k karma
I am a Georgia State University Alumni with a passion for the perfect skincare routine, natural/curly hair care, and good food in and around Atlanta, Ga.
Boston, MA • 22.1k karma
Miami, FL • 22.1k karma
Hi welcome to my page! My name is Patricia Burnett and I will be showing you the hot spots here in Miami Florida ! Enjoy the ride!
Atlanta, GA • 21.9k karma
Learning to use my voice for myself and my community. Writer of love letters. Stand-up comedian & designated texter in friend group. Roller skating is therapy. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos who enjoys green mint choc chip ice-cream.
Seattle, WA • 19.6k karma
Senior Marketer at Fresh Chalk. Dog mom. Style junky. Bookworm. Home cooking enthusiast.
Seattle, WA • 19.4k karma
I am obsessed with light, faces and connection. Capturing your family, your face or your event in the Seattle area. Visit my website and drop me a note so we can chat about your vision for your session.
Miami, FL • 19.0k karma
I speak English. Portuguese. French. Spanish. But love and laughter are my languages of life.
Miami, FL • 16.9k karma
Hello, I am a Miami resident that is passionate about my city. Always looking to showcase Miami in a positive light and help people with recommendations.
Austin, TX • 16.1k karma
Founder of Fresh Chalk and happy South Austin homeowner.
Miami, FL • 15.9k karma
Mama. Sister. Daughter. Friend.
Puyallup, WA • 15.0k karma
Fun | Outgoing | Love to network | Passionate about helping others reach their full potential
Los Angeles, CA • 14.7k karma
A true California native that loves to shop local and support small businesses. Currently, living in Hollywood, CA.
Seattle, WA • 14.4k karma
Creative writer who loves the Bachelor and everything trashy-pop-culture. Pure, unfiltered millennial.
Indianapolis, IN • 13.3k karma
Miami, FL • 13.0k karma
Love Pets 🐶🐠 and enjoying Miami Life ⛱⛳️
Powder Springs, GA • 12.9k karma
Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga I enjoy living out my early 20s trying new restaurants and exploring new places with friends and family!
Tucson, AZ • 12.9k karma
Always munching, running and lifting!! Just trying to live a balanced lifestyle!
Snohomish, WA • 11.3k karma
Hi there! My name is Nathan Kelly and I am the Business Development Manager for both PureClean Carpet Cleaning and PureDry Restoration. Whether you need the healthiest and most thorough cleaning you've ever experienced or if you find yourself dealing with a flood, sewage backup, or fire/smoke, feel free to reach out anytime I can be of service!
Milwaukee, WI • 10.1k karma
Cynthia's Attic is a small space located, literally, in the attic of the 100 + year old home in which I live. It is even with the tree-line and imaginatively, just below the clouds. Cynthia's Attic houses a tiny collection of individually-selected items for purchase. Each piece has a story and a history. If this appeals to you, please contact me.
Pembroke Pines, FL • 9.9k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 9.7k karma
Boston, MA • 9.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 9.0k karma
Austin, TX • 8.7k karma
Apache Junction, AZ • 7.6k karma
Austin, TX • 7.5k karma
Boulder, CO • 7.2k karma
Georgetown, TX • 6.9k karma
Indianapolis, IN • 6.2k karma
Medway, MA • 6.0k karma
Seattle, WA • 5.6k karma
Seattle, WA • 5.6k karma
Round Rock, TX • 5.3k karma
Carmel, IN • 5.3k karma
Austin, TX • 4.4k karma
Austin, TX • 4.4k karma
Austin, TX • 4.2k karma
Round Rock, TX • 3.9k karma
Zionsville, IN • 3.9k karma
Muncie, IN • 3.7k karma
Round Rock, TX • 3.7k karma
Sacramento, CA • 3.7k karma
Austin, TX • 3.6k karma
Cedar Park, TX • 3.5k karma
Holliston, MA • 3.5k karma
Denver, CO • 3.2k karma
Pflugerville, TX • 3.2k karma
Austin, TX • 3.2k karma
Austin, TX • 3.2k karma
Austin, TX • 3.1k karma
Round Rock, TX • 3.1k karma
Lakeland, FL • 3.0k karma
Loveland, CO • 2.9k karma
Fishers, IN • 2.9k karma
Medway, MA • 2.7k karma
Georgetown, TX • 2.6k karma
Killeen, TX • 2.5k karma
Miami, FL • 2.4k karma
Austin, TX • 2.4k karma
Denver, CO • 2.3k karma
Austin, TX • 2.3k karma
Medway, MA • 2.3k karma
Austin, TX • 2.2k karma
Georgetown, TX • 2.1k karma
Lakeland, FL • 2.1k karma
Cedar Park, TX • 2.0k karma
Corona, CA • 2.0k karma
Vista, CA • 2.0k karma
Austin, TX • 2.0k karma
Marietta, GA • 2.0k karma
Austin, TX • 2.0k karma
Austin, TX • 1.9k karma
San Antonio, TX • 1.9k karma
Georgetown, TX • 1.9k karma
Belton, TX • 1.9k karma
Round Rock, TX • 1.9k karma
Austin, TX • 1.9k karma
Austin, TX • 1.8k karma
Hutto, TX • 1.8k karma
Tampa, FL • 1.7k karma
Austin, TX • 1.7k karma
Marlborough, MA • 1.7k karma
Dripping Springs, TX • 1.7k karma
Spicewood, TX • 1.7k karma
Austin, TX • 1.7k karma
Pflugerville, TX • 1.5k karma
Austin, TX • 1.5k karma
Cedar Park, TX • 1.5k karma
Round Rock, TX • 1.5k karma
Austin, TX • 1.5k karma
Austin, TX • 1.5k karma
Georgetown, TX • 1.4k karma
Austin, TX • 1.4k karma
Leander, TX • 1.4k karma
Round Rock, TX • 1.4k karma
Austin, TX • 1.3k karma
Round Rock, TX • 1.3k karma
Georgetown, TX • 1.3k karma
Austin, TX • 1.2k karma
Cedar Park, TX • 1.2k karma
Leander, TX • 1.2k karma
Austin, TX • 1.1k karma
Liberty Hill, TX • 1.1k karma
Austin, TX • 1.1k karma
Cedar Park, TX • 1.1k karma
Austin, TX • 1.1k karma
Austin, TX • 1.1k karma
Atlanta, GA • 1.0k karma
Austin, TX • 970 karma
Thousand Oaks, CA • 940 karma
Kyle, TX • 940 karma
Houston, TX • 920 karma
Austin, TX • 900 karma
Austin, TX • 880 karma
Atlanta, GA • 875 karma
Austin, TX • 870 karma
Pflugerville, TX • 850 karma
Austin, TX • 850 karma
Mesa, AZ • 850 karma
Austin, TX • 850 karma
Cedar Park, TX • 840 karma
Georgetown, TX • 825 karma
Georgetown, TX • 820 karma
Austin, TX • 805 karma
Austin, TX • 770 karma
Austin, TX • 770 karma
Round Rock, TX • 770 karma
Austin, TX • 770 karma
Buda, TX • 720 karma
Austin, TX • 710 karma
Austin, TX • 670 karma
Austin, TX • 670 karma
Austin, TX • 670 karma
Georgetown, TX • 650 karma
Austin, TX • 650 karma
Liberty Hill, TX • 600 karma
Georgetown, TX • 600 karma
Manchaca, TX • 590 karma
Austin, TX • 590 karma
Georgetown, TX • 570 karma
Austin, TX • 570 karma
Austin, TX • 560 karma
Georgetown, TX • 550 karma
Leander, TX • 550 karma
Austin, TX • 550 karma
Austin, TX • 540 karma
Leander, TX • 520 karma
Austin, TX • 500 karma
Austin, TX • 500 karma
Austin, TX • 500 karma
Austin, TX • 500 karma
Austin, TX • 450 karma
Seattle, WA • 450 karma
Austin, TX • 450 karma
Round Rock, TX • 450 karma
San Marcos, TX • 440 karma
Austin, TX • 440 karma
Austin, TX • 400 karma
Austin, TX • 400 karma
Austin, TX • 400 karma
Granger, TX • 400 karma
Austin, TX • 400 karma
Bartlett, TX • 370 karma
Pflugerville, TX • 350 karma
Liberty Hill, TX • 300 karma
Austin, TX • 300 karma
Austin, TX • 300 karma
Austin, TX • 270 karma
Austin, TX • 200 karma
Austin, TX • 200 karma
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