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Property Managers Near Bitter Lake

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Snezana Popovic
5 months ago • Maple Leaf
Hello, can someone please recommend a lawyer specializing in landlord/tenant issues, in Seattle? Thanks
4 replies
5 months ago
Snezana Popovic Sadly, I am the landlord in this case.
Cassie Walker Johnson HI Snezana - I would definitely recommend Randy Redford with Puckett & Redford. As a property manager for 9 years, he was our go to legal source for all things Landlord related. Good luck!
Snezana Popovic Thanks, Cassie. I will definitely check Randy out.
Snezana Popovic
11 months ago • Maple Leaf
Hello, I am looking for an agent to help me rent and manage my condo. This is for a long term rental. Thanks
4 replies
6 months ago
Snezana Popovic Thanks so much. Just what I needed. Good to hear from you.
Steven A. Chayer Sergy Petrov is a longtime Seattle property manager. I'm not sure he does single residences but he might be able to recommend someone to you. He is a great guy.

Yalnes, Inc.
Office hours:
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
(closed on major holidays)

(206) 708-7777 - office

Mailing Address:
PO Box 99773
Seattle, WA 98139
3214 W McGraw St, Suite 314
Seattle, WA 98199
Snezana Popovic Thank you!
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