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People followed by Jacob Hollenbeck

Seattle, WA • 109.5k karma
Co-founder & CEO @ Fresh Chalk. Mom to two awesome kids and a pup. Montlake by day, Montlake by night.
San Tan Valley, AZ • 93.1k karma
Military wife, stay at home mom of 5. 3 are grown and out on their own. 2 littles at home who keep me busy with homeschooling, scouts and sports. I'm a teacher, a Cub Scout leader, and a children's pastor. I enjoy cooking and am an independent consultant for Epicure. I embroider and sew on the side. I enjoy reading, hiking and quiet time.
Mercer Island, WA • 60.6k karma
Mother of three and a labradoodle, track coach, passionate about holistic healing, connecting with new/old friends, the great outdoors, recycling and overall lover of life!
Seattle, WA • 55.0k karma
Fresh Chalk founder and seeker of pros.
Portland, OR • 51.2k karma
Favorite things in life are my boys, sewing, embroidery, volunteering and sharing my experiences.
Indianapolis, IN • 45.4k karma
Currently a grad student at New England College, working towards an MFA in Creative Nonfiction. I'm 23-years-old, a Graduate Teaching Assistant, & love to travel and experience new foods and surroundings.
Auburn, WA • 37.9k karma
South Sound homeowner, three boys, one dog, longtime runner, and Fresh Chalk team member.
Portland, OR • 36.8k karma
Redmond, WA • 32.4k karma
Mostly just a regular dude, with a family, who likes adventure sports.
Seattle, WA • 24.1k karma
I've lived in the Madrona neighborhood since 1999. I have 2 kids and love technology.
Atlanta, GA • 22.6k karma
I am a Georgia State University Alumni with a passion for the perfect skincare routine, natural/curly hair care, and good food in and around Atlanta, Ga.
Atlanta, GA • 20.7k karma
Learning to use my voice for myself and my community. Writer of love letters. Stand-up comedian & designated texter in friend group. Roller skating is therapy. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos who enjoys green mint choc chip ice-cream.
Seattle, WA • 19.6k karma
I am an interior designer & organizer with a passion for helping busy families reclaim style and space in their homes on any budget. I deliver creative design, home organizing, and color consultation services which are family-focused, affordable and fun. I help you fall in love with your home!
Sammamish, WA • 19.4k karma
UW grad. Just moved back to Sammamish from Seattle. Love all things food, sustainability, and the outdoors! Connected with Fresh Chalk
Seattle, WA • 19.0k karma
Senior Marketer at Fresh Chalk. Dog mom. Style junky. Bookworm. Home cooking enthusiast.
Seattle, WA • 17.9k karma
Great Expectations in the neighborhood of Fremont.
Seattle, WA • 16.7k karma
I live in West Seattle with a passion for travel, a busy family life, volunteering evangelism and oh yeah, I help startups grow as my get paid job. I'm looking for a better way to get quality people to do projects around my house, to provide sound medical care for my family and for experiences to help me unwind and relax...because I need it!
Seattle, WA • 16.6k karma
I like this place.
Seattle, WA • 15.8k karma
Office Manager, Home Owner, general consumer of services.
Seattle, WA • 15.7k karma
Originally from Turkey, I grew up in Ballard and Alki. Lived in 12 countries in 12 months and now I'm living the #freshchalklife!
Austin, TX • 14.7k karma
Founder of Fresh Chalk and happy South Austin homeowner.
Seattle, WA • 14.0k karma
Creative writer who loves the Bachelor and everything trashy-pop-culture. Pure, unfiltered millennial.
Puyallup, WA • 13.8k karma
Fun | Outgoing | Love to network | Passionate about helping others reach their full potential
Phoenix, AZ • 11.9k karma
Hi, I'm Chanette Campbell ! I am a Phoenix native and mother of three precious kiddos who keep on the go daily. I love yoga, writing and music.
Austin, TX • 9.3k karma
I have kids. I know a lot about kid stuff. ...Update: now I have a dog too.
Seattle, WA • 9.0k karma
Feminist, fashion publicist, global traveler, truth-teller, Virgo. Stylish Mom of 2 in Seattle. Founder of @gossip_glamour.
Seattle, WA • 8.8k karma
Hi, I'm Augustina, a UX designer, minimalist, and environmentalist. I advocate for an inclusive society to make the world more accessible and inclusive for those people with different abilities.
Seattle, WA • 6.9k karma
Dad. Vice President, Kindle at Amazon. StrongFirst Certified Team Leader. BJJ Blue Belt, 2 Black Belts, Lifelong Martial Artist.
Seattle, WA • 6.9k karma
I've lived in Capitol Hill, Issaquah, and now Columbia City. The Light Rail is my lifeline. So, if anything requires going over a bridge, I'm not going unless it's really good. Oh, and now I have Bernese Mountain Dog who gains 3 lbs a week, so my life includes weekly trips to the pet store, vet, and dog trainer.
Austin, TX • 6.4k karma
Friends of all those creative people
Seattle, WA • 5.6k karma
I'm a journalist and urban farmer. I know food, I know wellness, I know gardens!
Seattle, WA • 5.5k karma
Copywriter, artist, DJ, and local business advocate who has lived in Seattle since 2006. The pandemic has taught us that we need to continue to support our favorite local businesses, local musicians, artists, performance venues, event organizers and nonprofit organizations that have been impacted the most, however we can, more than ever.
Seattle, WA • 4.7k karma
Chief Bosslady at @Armoire
Alexandria, VA • 4.4k karma
Software engineer with far more questions than answers
Seattle, WA • 4.0k karma
Founder and CEO of Intentionalist, an online guide to intentional spending that supports small businesses and diverse local communities. Dedicated to supporting underserved small business owners and keeping dollars circulating in their own community.
Seattle, WA • 3.2k karma
Rebecca, the fearless leader at Seriously Happy Homes, is more than an interior designer. She's also a design psychology coach, author, podcast host, & business consultant. She doesn’t really care if you ever buy a new sofa, she just cares that your home really works for you!
Seattle, WA • 3.1k karma
Head Chef at Salare and Junebaby, James Beard Award Winner.
Redmond, WA • 3.0k karma
I'd always rather be outside
Austin, TX • 2.8k karma
Seattle, WA • 2.8k karma
Self-described “entreprenerd” and “kidult,” and prolific vlogger. Currently at Intel as the company’s Chief Community Advocate.
Austin, TX • 2.7k karma
Tacoma, WA • 2.4k karma
Seattle native, Tacoma transplant.
Seattle, WA • 2.4k karma
YouTube and TV personality, Amazon Tech VJ, and the Editor-in-Chief of Gear Live
Austin, TX • 2.4k karma
Professional memer.
Seattle, WA • 2.3k karma
CEO of OfferUp and winter sports enthusiast
Seattle, WA • 2.2k karma
Photojournalist and portrait photographer
Austin, TX • 1.6k karma
Cedar Park, TX • 1.4k karma
Kent, WA • 920 karma
Curious about freshchalk!
Seattle, WA • 820 karma
Real Estate Broker Real Estate Investor
Seattle, WA • 600 karma
Seattle, WA • 570 karma
Seattle, WA • 300 karma
Kirkland, WA • 200 karma
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