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Kei Castillo

Jefferson Park • Denver, CO
Hi, I'm Kei ("Kay")! I'm a ganjantrepreneur, freelancer, and gypsie . Multi-talented, I can do most anything that needs to get done--those things I don't know how to do I'm learning! I love to do anything creative. Basically, I'm a super DIY-inista! Happy to suggest on cannabis, art, music, or natural products! Owner of Creatively Cannabis.
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Bambino Mio Diaper Liners
Invaluable for the modern day cloth-diaper mom! Saves so much time and mess by letting you throw away/compost (they're compostable) the solids. Used to be thicker, but still work well. Made from 100% cornstarch!
Bambino Mio Miofresh (Diaper/Laundry Cleanser)
Laundry Detergent
Really makes a HUGE difference in maintaining the integrity of the cloth diapers. Keeps them from smelling or staining. Haven't found anything else that works as well yet!
Bambino Mio Miosolo All-In-One Cloth Diaper
Where to begin? A) these diapers, even after over a month and a half of using them are still as, if not more, fantastic as when i first got them (pros/cons below). The kits are great because for the same price as you would pay for 6 diapers anyway, they add in some of the detergent (works really well) and the liners (are okay--not the easiest size to use with these, tbh). I have only ever air-dried these, either on my line outside or hung in the house--pretty sure this makes the absorbent core MORE absorbent than dryer drying, though i could just be biased. Anyways Pros: -Much easier to use than other AIO brands--really is as close to disposables as Ive found. (Without the waste or chemicals) -Loops and mitten-like pocket on core makes it easy to remove and replace the attached core from the water resistant part of the diaper. -super absorbent: rarely have issues if any with diaper rash like i did with disposables -washing machine friendly: rinse any solids that may have escaped your liner and then toss that bad boy in the wash -durable: so far, with nearly DAILY WASHING, not a stitch one any of the 16 i have have come loose (at least not that I've noticed) -SO cute: great variety of unisex designs or plain white if you'd rather keep it simple -attached design means no losing parts of the diaper; makes reusing them so easy!! -adjustable, so grows with baby Cons: -some leaking: sometimes will leak around legs, but i think this may be due to either not having them on snuggly enough or liners sticking out (have literally seen pee escape like this!) -bulkier than some diapers -may be too large for newborns -air-drying can take some time -need to add vinegar to wash or directly to diapers on occasion to keep them smelling fresh UPDATE: Month 5 and they are still working well, though I will say leaks are more noticeable--particularly at night. Have had success adding additional soaker pad to it for overnight though this makes it much bulkier. Strongly suggest washing and utilizing a pre-wash feature as this gets them SIGNIFICANTLY cleaner! Con: difficult to continue using if you end up with a pest problem i the home (new place had fleas and they liked the cloth diapers much more than the disposables--had to swap temporarily until the issue was under control since they kept hiding in them!) I am debating re-coating the water resistant part with an anhydrous sealer (Crep from Journeys shoes has always worked really well on my shoes so i will start there). Will update with my results if/when i do!
Bambino Mio Miosolo All-In-One Cloth Diaper Set
All the wonderfulness of the individual diaper x's 6 PLUS you get 50 free liners and a trial of their laundry booster (which works great) for the same exact price as buying 6 separately. I strongly recommend just saving and buying the sets to get more for your money!
Bamboozlers Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set
Disposable Cutlery
Bio-degradable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic disposable utensils. Only con is sometimes they are weak in places (5 out of the 100 utensils) and break oddly. other than that and sometimes feeling like I was eating w/ a Popsicle stick (which makes me personally cringe haha), they were perfect for what I needed!
Better Shea Butter & Skin Foods Unrefined African Shea Butter
This is LITERALLY my favorite product of all time--no need to waste money on chemical moisturizers. This can be used all over (including the face) without fear of it causing clogged pores. Can be lightly heated and mixed with liquid coconut oil using an electric mixer to make a luxurious body butter. Best shea butter I've ever used (and I have an obsession :D)
Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner
Wood Cleaner
Great for removing dirt (though it says to clean w/ something else prior to use) and adding a nice shine to even laminate flooring! Smells nice and is naturally-derived. A little goes a long way.
Bubly Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water
My go to when i am thirsty but tired of plain old water. Great selection of flavors too!!
The free is high-powered enough for most needs and its really intuitive! make professional-looking graphics in minutes!
Costway Multipurpose Steam Cleaner
Steam actually gets boiling hot! only puts out a little bit of moisture at a time, so you can use on laminate, carpet, EVERYTHING! I love it and it is super water-efficient so now I can deep clean with just water and only a little at that! Recommend to anyone wanting a deep clean. Comes with 19 accessories!
Craftsman 2 Piece Locking Pliers Set
Really heavy-duty and the right size for the needed torque for most jobs. Comfortable handles also :)
DeWalt Max XR Li-Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit
Absolutely love this drill and driver! I am constantly making and DIY-ing and this kit is perfect for all of the things I need to get done! I also bought a titanium bit set for the drill and have been able to put up shelves, sconces and soon the cat's wall-mounted furniture. This kit really can handle some tough jobs!
Dewalt Titanium Drill Bit Set
These really can drill through anything. So far I've drilled through sheetrock, wood, and brick! Excellent addition to the drill and driver set!
Good for getting the basics--definitely best paired with another, more speaking-heavy program.
Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle With One-Touch Flip Lid
Water Bottle
Really convenient and able to be used entirely with 1 hand. Durable and has held up 6 months so far with rough use, despite being glass and silicone. Easy to clean.
Essential Oil Safety: a Guide for Healthcare Professionals
Easy-to-understand scholarly textbook about essential oil safety. Imperative for anyone wanting to DIY essential oil products for themselves and others. Great section on infant EO safety.
Eureka Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Bagless Vacuum
Vacuum Cleaner
This thing is GREAT for carpeted floors! the attachments work well except for the long extension as it doesn't seem to have as strong of a suction. I used the brush attachment to clean the 6' cat tower I have and it looked new afterwards (did a GREAT job of getting the cat hair off of it). Super lightweight--I've used it both at 9 months pregnant and with my back thrown out with no issue. Have been amazed at how much it gets up each time I've used it!
Gorilla Line Retractable Clothesline
Best, heavy-duty retractable clothesline for small spaces. It says it is not recommended for outdoors, but I used it outdoors all spring/summer with no issue. Forgot to bring it inside for winter, so I will update when I check it next! Really heavy-duty--I hung quilts and towels on it and it had little to no give in the coated-wire line. Save the headache and pay a little more upfront for the better line!
Hello Bello Diapers
Great, plant-derived absorbent core that doesn't bug my little guy like other supposedly hypoallergenic ones do
Hyland's Baby Nighttime Oral Pain Relief Tablets
Baby Care
All-natural, homeopathic with extremely low-dosing. One of the only things that helps my son when he's toothing. Safe for baby's of all ages and suitable for natural relaxation for baby's sleep.
Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart
One of the best animated movies of all time. Besides an absolutely amazing musical score, the visuals and attention to detail are amazing!!! Currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Not really kid appropriate, though (mostly language and some adult themes)
Kalena Instruments Mahogany Kalimba
Extremely-well made kalimba that comes with a booklet of songs and gig bag. Who knew all you ever needed to play the Rugrats theme song was a kalimba (we just discovered this last night!)?!
Kalena Instruments Mahogany Soprano Ukulele
Absolutely outperforms any other ukulele in it's price-point. Great for the kids because it's durable, but equally as great for an adult because it has high-quality finishings like die-cast tuners and pre-strung strings that have been stretched out already by the shop! It comes with a tuner, gig bag, strap, 3 soft picks, 1 hard pick, and extra strings, too! Add to that the impeccable service you get from Anthony and the others at Kalena Instruments (in Hawaii), and you have an absolutely unbeatable value.
La Tourangelle Garlic-Infused Sunflower Oil
High-smoke-point oil that has a distinctly garlicky taste. Save some time and skip the peeling, chopping and sauteeing of the garlic and just use this! I love it on everything! Super flavorful!
La Tourangelle White-Truffle-Infused Sunflower Oil
Both infused and naturally flavored, this oil adds a really nice truffle taste to anything. I recommend it on mac n cheese!
Late July Snack Multigrain Sub Lime Tortilla Chips
Really love these by themselves or with a good salsa. Have the sweetness and flavor of a lime without the salt. Really perfect balance they've achieved with these.
Maple Hill Grassfed Whole Milk
I never thought I would just drink milk, but this is the tastiest leche I've ever had. If you hate milk, at least try this before you swear it away forever :D
Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink
Better staying power than some that are twice the cost. Will definitely be getting more colors! Lasted perfectly all day!
Mehron Water-Activated Face Paints
Face Paint
High-pigment but not staining. Long lasting wear and seems to be great even for those with sensitive skin! Very comparable to Wolfe brand, w/o as high of a price-point! :)
Neet Organic Bamboo Cooking Spoons
Utensil Set
Eco-friendly and sustainably derived. Also non-scratch! So far so great!
Norwex Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Cloth
Norwex is great because you really can clean with JUST WATER! great for homes with kids, pets, or sensitive allergies! Throw away your cleaners!! :D
Norwex Wool Dryer Balls
Dryer Balls
You can use essential oils with them to give you great smelling, soft clothes without all of the horrible chemicals (dryer sheets are one of the most toxic products in your home!). Love the norwex brand in particular because all of their products demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and chemical-free cleaning!
Panda 3.5 Cu.Ft. 110-Volt Compact Portable Electric Laundry Dryer
Great for small spaces, easily attached to indoor venting system (separate purchase), you don't have to have access to outdoor ventilation . works well with full size bedding and probably could even do a queen size quilt.
Petsafe Scoopfree Litter Box
Litter Boxes
I have the petsafe scoopfree litter box for my cat and it's really great.
Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils (24-Count)
Colored Pencils
Great for beginning fine-art artists. Much more blendable than color pencils most are used to (though not the "blendiest" by far!) Can usually get them 40% off at Michaels with a coupon.
Sati Chill Ginger Cbd Soda
Cbd Products
No cannabis-tasting aftertaste like Weller's CBD sodas. Has 23 mg of cbd, so it's got a good amount to compliment any THC consumption. Very relaxing and tastes like a lightly or unsweetened ginger ale
Seventh Generation Hand Soap
Hand Soap
Seems to be the most natural option at the store. Smells great and does what it's supposed to :)
Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid
Dish Soap
Now I don't have to worry about chemicals getting into my family from our dish soap :) Cleans and suds up well, despite being plant-derived.
Stenbert Silicone Palette
Art Supplies
Unquestionably my favorite palettes for acrylic! The paint comes off super easily regardless of whether it is wet or dry. For stubborn stains, soak in warm soapy water then wipe with a washcloth. The official palettes of Creatively Cannabis!
Wonderful movie about integrity, honesty, and sticking up for oneself even if others aren't! This movie did such a fantastic job of creating realistic, human characters. Each with their flaws and their good qualities. Integrity is not something we see much of anymore, and it's so refreshing to watch a movie where THAT is exactly what motivates the main character throughout the development of the story. Great movie and definitely a must-watch!
The Four Agreements: a Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)
I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone who is stuck in a rut or needing to dramatically shift their perspective. I am basically an evangelist of this book and have bought and given it away over 20 times in hardcopy and just as many times in digital version. If someone wants this and can't afford it, please message me and I will get it for you! LOVE THE SIMPLE BEAUTY OF THIS BOOK!
The Honest Company Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash (Tear Free)
Great for the whole family. Tear free so it doesn't bother little ones, while the lavender is calming and soothing for bedtime :)
Tom's of Maine
Tom's deodorant 100% smells great and is all natural (I use the lavender).
Tom's of Maine W/Propolis & Myrrh
I would recommend a charcoal toothpaste or Tom's w/ bee propalis. My family always comments on how white my teeth are and those are my go-tos.
Vega Protein Powder
Protein & Smoothie Powders
This vega powder was really good, imo because it didn't have any added sweetner like the others, so I could sweeten how I wanted w/ honey, agave, etc.
Weller Tangerine Cbd Soda
Cbd Products
With 25 mg of cbd in each can, this is a perfect amount of CND to helpyou relax after a long day. Slight cannabis aftertaste, though much less pounced than the other flavors. Great in a mocktail!
Wonder Creature Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel
Pet Fountain
My cat's favorite thing to drink out of! Only issue I had is that either our hard water or me scrubbing too hard cause the clear coating on the metal to come off and look slightly corroded. The manufacture assured me that it did not affect the water quality. They make ceramic ones also in the same brand if the metal is a concern!

Special Occasions

Brothers Bbq
Best pulled pork in Denver. Get the carolina mustard!
Denver Museum Of Nature & Science
Travel Agent
What is NOT to love?? Constantly changing, AMAZING exhibits for people of all ages and interests. The VR room (you have to pay extra, but the pteradactyl VR is WORTH IT!) is super cool and there are tons of interactive exhibits throughout the museum. Free days mean that you can take the whole family (but go early cause they get CROWDED!) Also tons and tons of poke-stops for any of you Poke-nerds (or who have kids who play it)
Federal Bar and Grill
Great service, good food in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Great place to watch the game!
Jefferson Park
Event Venue
Large waking circumference with decent sized sidewalks. Playground at the middle (uphill) for the kiddos. Fieldy area for the doggos. Close to many restaurants. Great place to spend an afternoon
Loverboy Fine Chocolates
Really great, unexpected flavors that are always changing (Han keeps some of his tried and true ones, though). You can really tell that there is passion and love for the craft with each bite of delicious chocolate. Last I knew, he was vending at several of the markets around Denver! Definitely make a great gift for the discerning chocolate lover
Mercury Cafe
Event Venue
Great open mics (both comedy and music) on Wednesday evenings. CASH ONLY BAR, so be prepared or hit the ATM they have there. Locally-sourced fare that is delicious! They have latin dance classes upstairs on occasion as well! Really cool place, definitely worth popping into on any night.
RocketSpace Studios
Recording Studio
Great place to get together with bandmates or folks to jam. They have drum sets in each room, as well as amps, mics, cords for instruments, etc. Pretty much anything you need (including drinks and snacks for $). Sound-proofed rooms means you can really enjoy the space and the music you're making. Covid-mindful practices in place! Also they employ local musicians with steady employment that allows them to tour, so that's pretty dope, too!
The Corner Beet
Great vegetarian (vegan maybe?) foods and drinks! Nice little cafe (non-alcoholic) near the Ogden Theater. Occasionally host open-mics there. REALLY talented musicians, writers, poets, and other type of off-beat creatives to be found here! Try the Golden Pineapple drink!
The Sol Shine
Locally-derived essential oils and really cute jewelry and clothes! Conveniently on 32nd near other shopping and food :)
True Food Kitchen
I don't even eat meat and their grass-fed burger is AHHHHHMAYYYYYZING. They really put the "OOOOO MAMI" in umami. They also have a great selection of high-quality, natural/clean foods! bottled sparkling beverages to go, too! You really can't go wrong!
Whirlybird Ice Cream
Super friendly staff and DELICIOUS ice cream! I have been multiple times in a week. I HAVE NO SHAME! IT WAS GLORIOUS! Can't go wrong with a shake, cone, or cup. If you're feeling wild, get a box of water to go. :D
Williams and Graham Restaurant
Fantastic speakeasy-inspired restaurant and bar, with true, hidden access to the REAL bar upstairs. The decoy bar is MUCH less classy. Be prepared to spend a bit, but it's part of the experience. Food and signature cocktails are worth the pretty penny. Dress for the occasion in your best prohibition-era vintage!


A Dignified Birth
Ariana is such a wonderful person and natural mother and caregiver, and it comes across in all of her interactions with her clients. She really does care for those she serves and never judges or makes someone feel self-conscious about needing her help, no matter what is needed!
Creatively Cannabis
Fun, legal, cannabis-friendly events that allow everyone to see that we all really can create beautiful art that we're proud of!
Dr. Carl Sakamaki
Dr. Sakamaki is really relaxed and friendly. Makes you feel very comfortable and is willing to excision anything you have questions about.
Golden Meds
Great staff and selection for rec. cannot speak on the medical
Herbs and Arts
John is one of the most helpful, cheerful, friendly business owners in Denver! He's always happy to share advice, expertise or connections. Of a similar mindset that there is enough business for all of us to do our things and be successful! Great selection of everything metaphysical from candles, herbs, oils and stones, to tapestries, books, tarot cards, rune stones, etc! Definitely worth a visit just to check it all out! Also they have a community board at the front where anyone is welcome to post information or services offered. A hub of the witchy/esoteric community for decades <3
Highlands Integrative Pediatrics
Very responsive and flexible to work with parents. Usually can schedule sick visits quickly
Intuitive Heart Birth
Taylor is one of the most light-filled individuals I have ever met. She has been invaluable to me and my family and has helped us when I didn't have another option. Absolutely would recommend her for any doula or other related services (she's also a badass photographer!!!)
Platte Valley Dispensary
Great staff and good prices. I would avoid the carts, though, had 3 out of 5 duds. Flower is good though. Haven't tried their concentrates or med selection yet.
Whole Health Center
Dr. Kelsey was super explanatory about how everything worked. Really eased my apprehension




Real Estate


And Then She Created
Web Design
Really Great one-stop-shop for any small business. They do everything from custom prepped tees and sweatshirts to mugs, and other customisable items. Not sure about designing something yourself? No worries! Kate and BethAnne are pros at creating beautiful designs that fit any budget!
Goodwill Cherry Creek
Thrift Stores
They always have a TON of great high-end or vintage women's clothes and I've even found a 1950s pair of sailor-button front high-waisted white shorts there once! Seriously though, the racks are usually packed completely full which can be a challenge to rummage through, but if you've got time and a strong arm (for all the clothes you'll buy, haha), I highly recommend giving them a try. 1st Saturdays of the month most of the store is 1/2 off!
Goosetown Tavern
One of the best open mics in Denver (Tuesdays around 9 or 10pm start). Nic Jay is a great host and the sound is always spectacular. Perfect place to meet other musicians also plugged into the scene. Decent food and rotating beer selection make it an easy place to spend a Tuesday night :)
Sam's Bar and Lounge
Great little dive bar. Rife with locals and regulars, but everyone is friendly. Decent bar food, but the drink specials sometimes seem to be poured a little lite. Karaoke and dancing on certain nights (though I think it's changed since I've been!)
The Backstreet Tavern
Karaoke on Friday nights is always fun! There are regulars and then all the crazy random people that you never know who will be there. Really miss Mike the Vietnam vet speaking every single song he "sang." Really fun group of folks and some EXTREMELY talented musicians!
The Coffee Joint
Coffee Shop
The only social consumption licensed venue in the state of Colorado! Super nice staff and great snacks for when you get the munchies :D Great events too!

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