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Carve Capistrano Crushable Hat

Carve Capistrano Crushable Hat

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about 1 year ago
For travel, you just need different things. For one, you are touring, and it is likely hot. You need a sunhat and sunglasses for your poor Northern Hemisphere, far-from-the-equator eyes, and it is tough to find a hat that you like that also travels well. This has been an issue for me for many years. I have a cloth baseball-type cap that I don't mind, but I really want a better hat. After my trip to Egypt, in my post-travel malaise, I went to REI to skulk around looking for things. In the sale bin, I found and bought this Carve Designs hat. It was on sale for $18 and because it was in the sale bin, it had very little product information. The poor REI employee stood there while I folded it up like 10 times and asked him, "Do you think it's meant to be folded?" He looked it up in the system and said, "It's called 'crushable'" and I was like, "Yay!" I bought it immediately and can't wait to go to a hot-weather destination with this neatly folded up in my bag.
Kristie Presten Adorable! I'll need to check it out. I need more big brimmed, fashionable hats in my world since being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.
  • about 1 year ago
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