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over 2 years ago
My kids just love the Internet. Love love love the internet, including all the dark corners where kids should really not wander... I never thought I'd be censoring my kids, but it's an absolute necessity in my house.

To that end, I bought a Netgear router that came with Circle Parental Controls. Circle takes over all the DNS traffic on your network and can block any websites you choose. For example, my younger kid has everything blocked except Minecraft. My older kid is allowed to use Amazon, but not Youtube. It can be a bit tricky to move beyond the built in rules, but Circle can block (or allow) any website based on the domain name. It's all controlled with the Circle app on my phone.

Whenever a new device joins the network, I get a notification from Circle and I can choose whether that device should be treated as a "kid" device or an "adult" device. Handy!
Elexa Martinez We just got one of these and are still very new to it. My husband has really been the one to manage it but nice to read your recommendations that is has been so helpful.
  • almost 2 years ago
Victoria Grinde I need to look into this since my 6yr old has been wanting to watch YouTube more often. While I don't let her get on electronics that often, I still want to make sure that what she is watching is safe/appropriate. I noticed that even the YouTube kids has some sketchy stuff from time to time.
  • almost 2 years ago
Sally Peter We use Circle too and I'm so grateful for it! I bought the Orbi router from Walmart that has Circle built in, so they can't just unplug the circle device. It has been very effective at blocking inappropriate or unwanted sites.
  • 10 months ago
recommended by Carina Garcia
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