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3 months ago
Sometimes it doesn't hit you on how essential blue light blocking computer glasses, until your optometrist talks to you about your on sight. That was when it hit us that our little one definitely needs a pair for himself. Especially with virtual lessons being a top priority for most schools. They will be in front of the computer for majority of the day. I like these glasses because if you shine the screen onto them you can see the difference in pigments from the areas the light is shining through the glass and where it isn't. A definite essential for back to school.
Victoria Grinde We got a pair for my daughter once lockdown started cause of COVID and how much time she was spending on electronics. I have been thinking of getting me and my husband a pair because we are on computers a lot for work.
  • 6 days ago
Nadia L'Bahy Warby Parker also offers the option to add bluelight to any prescription lenses for $20!
  • 6 days ago
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