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Fi Dog Collar

Fi Dog Collar

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about 1 year ago
The Fi dog collar is a "smart" dog collar that has a GPS tracker built into it. So if your pup is an escape artist like ours, this can be a godsend. Fi links up to your phone and a hub at home that you use to charge and connect to wifi. The charge lasts a good while (days/weeks, not hours), and the collar still connects despite being out of your home's wifi range. I can't explain the technology, but I can say that when we were on a mountain vacation (hours away from our home) and Lefty escaped, we were able to find him quickly. At home, we have a geo-fence set up and the moment he leaves it, we get a notification. It also notifies you if he's with an owner. So if I'm at work and my husband takes Lefty to the park, I'll get a notification that Lefty is outside his perimeter, but appears to be with his dad (who also has the app). Anyway, it's definitely saved his life because he'd probably be hit by a car or lost in the woods without it! Plus there are cute little things on the app like a doggy step counter and weekly rankings that tell you how your dog's activity ranks among other similar breeds (which is oddly motivating to get him plenty of exercise). The only drawbacks are: bulky collar for a little dog (15 lbs), but he seems very used to it now. It's also not cheap (you need a monthly or yearly plan to keep that wifi/cellular signal life), but it's a price I'm willing to pay!
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