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Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards

Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards

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almost 2 years ago
Long before we had smartphones to carry around an array of our favorite imagery, kids in the '80s traded cards with one another. Actual cards. Like, printed and physical and often carrying with them the smell of stale chewing gum. Just about every popular movie release and/or TV show had a set to collect, but my favorite (and still being actively produced today) will always be Garbage Pail Kids - forever lampooning the iconic Cabbage Patch Kids toy line. Even if that wasn't someone's jam, gift them a complete set of one of their "vintage" favorites if something was made for it.

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Emily Midgley My brother and I collected these - still have them stored away somewhere. I remember waiting eagerly for my name to come out since he was lucky to have 2 cards with his name. To this day if anyone says GPK I immediately think Adam Bomb!
  • about 1 year ago
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