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iPhone SE 2nd Generation

iPhone SE 2nd Generation

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over 2 years ago
I'm a bit of a luddite. By day I work hard writing cutting edge iOS apps, but the actual phone I carry in my pocket is typically years out of date. After years on the inside, I am unmoved by sales pitches and the yearly upgrade cycle.

I'd already replaced the battery in my trusty iPhone 6S twice. The screen was flawless and the device worked perfectly. Did I really need to upgrade?

I don't think people realize this, but the iPhone SE 2nd Gen is an amazing phone. It's basically all of Apple's modern chips crammed into a $400 price point. It's way faster than my old 6s, and the battery lasts longer. Plus it comes with portrait mode, so I can finally get depth of field on my family photos. Only downside is the lack of headphone jack.

Highly recommended if you are considering an upgrade. My spouse got one too.
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