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Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell

Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell

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about 2 years ago
I have owned the following cameras over the years:

Ring Doorbell - original
Ring Doorbell - HD
Ring Doorbell - Pro
Google Nest Doorbell
Unifi Protect G4 doorbell - currently on our back door

This is BY FAR my favorite doorbell. I feel well qualified to proclaim this THE BEST doorbell (if you have iOS devices). Most of these doorbells install in the same manner. Over the years, I've grown uncomfortable over all of this being routed through public clouds. When it comes to privacy, I trust Apple a bit more as they make this a part of their mission, and their posture on privacy is strong. I now look for camera products that record local videos, such as the Unifi Protect system or privacy-minded HomeKit products. HomeKit is Apple's home automation system. It's very mature now, and their camera support is probably the newest. Here are some of the advantages:

Door chimes work on all HomePod minis in my house - making the mechanical chime relatively unimportant. I now hear doorbell rings in my bathroom and home office!
Notifications of packages, deliveries, doorbell rings are delivered to everyone's iOS and Mac device.
The Apple TV supports HomeKit cameras, and doorbell rings put video upright on your screen. Handy for late-night delivers and previewing who is at the door.
Lots of flexibilities for when to record, who can view recordings in the family, and activity sounds
AI support for detecting People, Animals, Cars, and noises.

Read more about my install experience at


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