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Opttico Office Chair Wheels for Ikea Chairs

Opttico Office Chair Wheels for Ikea Chairs

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almost 2 years ago
These are a HUGE upgrade over the casters on my IKEA office chair. Most office chair casters are hot garbage, but the ones on my IKEA chair were especially bad. These are basically roller blade wheels. They roll so much better than the casters and don't scratch my floor when they get stuck and slide instead of roll. I use these on hardwood (actually vinyl plank, see my recommendation of that also), but I bet they would work on carpet without a plastic mat. Although most office chairs use the same standard, IKEA (of course) has to be different. So make sure you get the proper size for your chair. As far as I can tell that means IKEA and Not IKEA.

About Opttico Office Chair Wheels for Ikea Chairs

These wheels are designed to be 100% safe on any surface. With a gentle polyurethane layer, you can be confident that these wheels will not leave marks or scratches on any wood, laminate, ceramic, or carpeted floor.

These wheels are designed to be extremely quiet, modern, attractive, and easy to install.

Wheels come with a no-tools installation process and will fit a large selection of office chairs. Wheels also come with a lifetime guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your wheels, reach out to the Opttico customer service and they will assist you.

Visit the Opttico website for more product details and assembly information.

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