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Rough Justice, by David Bosco

Rough Justice, by David Bosco

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over 1 year ago
Not more than ten years ago, during a time when fantastic crime narratives unraveled the social fabric of many communities throughout central Africa and the Balkans, the world's first permanent international criminal court was called to order, establishing its headquarters in The Hague. Despite being the focus of numerous political affronts from some of the world's most powerful nations, such as the United States, the novel court secured its mandate, and in the last decade it has witnessed tremendous advancements. Once just a series of empty office spaces run by a few staffers, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has become a veritable powerhouse - an institution backed by the formidable prowess of more than a thousand lawyers, investigators, and administrators from around the world. Still, although the Court does have the support of 120 of the world's nations, it is at present struggling to command the authority necessary for challenging times of great social and political unrest. In Rough Justice, L. Bosco engages with the Court's history, functions, and limitations to tackle one important dilemma: Because the Court was established apolitically (or, at the very least, because it was intended to take a more neutral position on the world stage), how have its most powerful stakeholders shaped how we think about and take action against human rights violations and abuses if it ultimately relies on the political backing of its most powerful nation-states.
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