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The best air fresheners of 2022

Emily Midgley - I needed something to combat the scent of the campfire on our jackets or when we eat out at a restaurant and the scent carries home with us. I have found that Febreeze Fabric Refresher does the trick.
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Sara Marie - I like Mrs.Meyers Room Fresheners Spray. My favorite scent is the Lavender but all their scents are subtle.

You can get at Grocery stores, Target, etc.
Mariella Tamayo - If you are looking for natural products Meyers is the best! Natural and smells great!!!
Esther Kast - I love the Mrs. Meyers line especially the air freshener line. Each scent smells clean and fresh and not chemically at all.
Emily Midgley - I love Pure Citrus! This is what I use in the kitchen when we have stinky trash or after we cook something that lingers for a while. I am super sensitive to smells and this is one of the only air sprays I can tolerate.
Erin Lee - I've yet to find a better air freshener. This freshener is all-natural and non-aerosol and contains no man-made chemicals, heavy perfumes, or artificial ingredients. Made from 100% natural citrus oils
Paula Claure - This is one of my favorite air fresheners, it smells really nice but it doesn't let your home, clothe or car, bathroom, etc. with a very strong smell, I'm not a fragrance person, but this one was perfect for us.
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Christy Hussain - This room spray is incredible. I love the scent! I want to wear it and spray it on everything! I have two Airbnbs and use this in both those homes and my own home. I can't get enough!
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Kenna Richards - I've never kept something on my shopping list for so long, Botanica is where its at. I work in a childcare and you can only image the verity of smells everyday. Every so often I run around the room spraying the room spray religiously. Let me tell you this stuff neutralizes every oder. 10/10 defia...
Elissa Tompkins - I had to put some of these in my preschoolers' bathroom to eliminate the smell! The scent this gives off isn't over the top but it has really helped to eliminate the smell.
Karline Nogales - It works! We have these bags in different places in our apartment. I love the sizes and the color.
Julie Joyce - I like the Citrus Magic brand solid air freshener line. It absorbs musty/damp odor and the citrus smell isn’t overpowering at all. Very mild.
Karline Nogales - I use this room spray every week in the rooms in my house. I usually spray it in the curtains, and the smell lasts the whole week. I love it!
Kristy Morrison - I absolutely adore this air freshener system. With pets in the house I don't feel comfortable with lit candles. The pura device plugs into your outlet and you can control it via your phone. It let's you create schedules and even has a night light. You can order the scents from their site and even...
Lindsey S - Eliminates odors, freshens rooms, and refreshes fabrics without too overwhelming of a smell. The Immortelle with Jasmine is my favorite!
Wendy Feller - As someone who loves floral scents, this aroma mist definitely lifts my spirits on grey rainy days. I love that it can be used just about everywhere and it has a light scent that doesn’t overpower. A must-have for your well-being!

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