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The best alarm clocks of 2022

Liz Stella - I switched to a Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock because I needed to do same thing! It's a gradual alarm sound if you want it, but I just use the light which is much more soothing and just brightens up to wake you.
Kim Rachmeler - The Philips SmartSleep is a lifesaver. It gently wakes you up by slowly getting lighter in the morning right before you need to get going. You can control the level of display brightness too so that it's not annoying to be next to you on the nightstand. I swear by these for waking up in our dark ...
Minda Lane - I love this one. You can adjust basically all of the settings (brightness of the display and the wake up light, volume) and it’s easy to use. And the little wake up songs it plays are lovely and sweet.
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Elissa Tompkins - We are a Hatch family, so I love the Hatch Restore Sleep Sound Machine. It's pricey but I was running into the issue of checking my phone for the time, seeing some notification that then made my mind race and would keep me awake. I love that it can subtly wake me up when it's time as well so I do...
Carly Kiser - We got a Hatch alarm clock for Christmas and are hooked! It has been worth the slightly higher price point.
Ricklie Stone - The Hatch does it all!
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Eva Monsen - My partner bought this clock that projects the time onto the ceiling. I was skeptical at first but it's fabulous to just look up to see the time. And it's not too bright. As a bonus, it uses radio to set its own time, so the time is always correct.
Molly Pearcy - I recommend the My Tot Clock Toddler Clock to all my friends with small children. The Tot Clock has an illuminated face that changes colors to teach your toddler about time. Blue for night, yellow for wake up, red for discipline, green for encouragement and light blue for naptime. The color chang...
Debra Willendorf - I am an insomniac so I dither between wanting to know the time and not wanting to know it. For now I am in the camp of wanting to know the time. I love our Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock. It projects the time on the ceiling so I don't have to move very much to see the time. It also has a radio. I...
Kari O'Driscoll - Love my Beddi. We all have one in my family and it's the best.

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