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The best beers of 2022

Victoria Grinde - My favorite ginger beer hands down! Easy to drink on its own or as a mixer!
Kei Castillo - Not overly sweet or complicated in the flavor department. Simple and string with a good fizz. The perfect mixer or drink on ice!
Victoria Grinde - This beer is what comes to mind when you mention Dry Dock! It is one of my favorite beers!!!
Mandi Pacer - I gravitate toward lighter beers and fruited sours so this has become a staple in our household for parties and weekends. I love how refreshing and tart it is! Bonus that it's brewed right here in Aurora, CO.
Victoria Grinde - This beer right here .... It is one of my favorite Lagers in the state!
Tristan Chan - Sometimes what you need most from a beer is something easy drinking and super crushable. That’s very much the case with Lone Tree Brewing’s Mexican Lager. The brilliance of this beer is that it is balanced across the board. This Mexican Lager is bright, crisp and refreshing, while still showcasin...
Victoria Grinde - This is one of my favorite beers. The brewery is great and this beer makes visiting even better. Easy beer to drink! So yummy!
Mandi Pacer - The tangiest, most tart fruited sour I've ever stumbled across! Another local brewed treasure and beverage I like to have on hand at special events.
Cindy Happel - I'm into tasty ginger beers this year and have been exploring them one by one. Reeds really pops with ginger and sometimes clears out my sinus's! Love the stuff. Both the regular and the extra gingery. Yum.
Kei Castillo - Tastes like a real ipa! Great if you want to enjoy a drink without the drunk (esp when breastfeeding haha) better than the Gruuvi IPA in my opinion
Tristan Chan - Saisons can often be misunderstood due to the diversity of profiles that can emerge from this style. Belgian Saisons are typically sweeter with more of that distinct bubble gummy Belgian Saison underpinning, while contemporary Saison expressions often are either funkier or more closely associated...
Tristan Chan - Over the past five years, hazy New England-style IPA’s have completely revolutionized the craft beer industry and in Colorado, WeldWerks Brewing’s Juicy Bits was one of the earlier pioneers to help propel that movement. Boasting bright citrusy notes with a delicate pillowy mouthfeel, Juicy Bits d...
Tristan Chan - New Belgium practically wrote the book on mixed fermentation barrel aged sours in the US when they first introduced La Folie in 1997. Former New Belgium Brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert brought his knowledge of the style from Belgium’s Rodenbach Brewery to create a beautiful sour brown ale blend that ...
Tristan Chan - For those looking to level up their beer fandom, Amalgam Brewing is the brewery to take your passion to the next level. Not conforming to the traditional brewery approach, Amalgam doesn’t have a regularly operating taproom, but instead is housed out of a warehouse in Denver’s Midtown neighborhood...
Tristan Chan - Comrade Brewing is typically synonymous with producing some of the state’s best hop-forward beers. But REDCON, their Irish Red Ale, has also distinguished itself as the state’s best Irish Red. Boasting rich roasty malt-forward caramel notes with an under current of hoppiness, REDCON has been so p...
Tristan Chan - It’s rare to find a brewery these days so completely dedicated to producing old-world styles that they’d import an entire German brewhouse to help brew true-to-style lagers. Bill Eye and Ashleigh Carter, the co-founders of Bierstadt Lagerhaus are so committed to their craft that they spared no ex...
Cindy Happel - I'd been drinking the more expensive ginger beers but on a whim one shopping trip, I decided to try TJ's name brand. A little sweet but all in all, pretty tasty! And comes in glass bottles. Whuuu whuuu!
Tristan Chan - Since its inception, collaboration and innovation have been at the core of what makes the craft beer industry so special. So when Westbound & Down introduced a series of collaborations bringing together the country’s best West Coast IPA producers, it fused the essence of craft beer with some of t...

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