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The best beeswax wraps of 2023

Liz Pearce - I feel like I'm a little late to the party with these beeswax food wraps. Since I'm cooking more than ever (and trying not to waste food), I was constantly running out of food storage containers and resorting to plastic bags or wrap. These are great because they are eco-friendly and don't take up...
Cindy Hawkins - I am loving these cloths that replace plastic wraps and bags. I've used them to extend the freshness of my spring mix, fresh veggies, and more. I can see how the food lasts 5-7 days longer than plastic. They are washable, reusable (1+ years), and compostable. Thank you, FreshChalk, for this gift!
Ryan Bruss - I received these as a gift and so far they work really well. It's really nice to be able to grab one of these and wrap up half an onion vs having to dig through our mess of containers and lids. I also like that they're much more durable than foil.
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Kelsey Lockard - I haven't had plastic wrap in my kitchen for over two years now. Between these reusable beeswax wraps and Tupperware containers, there really has been no need.
They aren't very sticky when you touch them, however the warmth of your hand causes the wrap to stick to itself making it really easy to ...
Valerie Magoun - Love my Abeego Beeswax Wraps! I use them over and over and they still keep my home-baked bread and avocados - yes, avocados! - fresh for days. They are great in lunchboxes and the freezer as well.
Amelia Mani - I love Abeego so much! It works great, it's good for the environment and I also love the smell (and I also love supporting women-owned businesses). After starting to use it about 4 years ago, I stopped using saran wrap and aluminum almost entirely. Next on my list is to try re-usable 'paper towel...
Carol Mullins - Bought these years ago and they are perfect for wrapping up irregular-shaped items and covering bowls. Easy to clean, come in bright colors and four sizes.
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Julie Joyce - I decided to buy beeswax food wraps after seeing all the glowing recommendations here. I am so glad I did. They are so versatile and helps cut down on plastic wrap use.
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Find the best products & professionals
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