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The best books of 2022

Kira Carney - I was able to disconnect from the author and make her work my own, or at least in my perspective. Milk and Honey reminded me of a lot of internal battles that I want to write about.
Adisyn Smith - super good read. strongly recommend to anyone having a hard time
Kali Thompson - i love the quotes inside of this book, it really helps you look at the things you've gone through.
recommended by
Molly Pearcy - My fourth grader loves this series. Immersive and thrilling your kiddo won't be able to put it down! Recommended for eight and above.
Bethany Kessler - Amazing book series that has dragons as the main protagonists and as the intelligent species, and almost no mention of humanity.
recommended by
Kei Castillo - I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone who is stuck in a rut or needing to dramatically shift their perspective. I am basically an evangelist of this book and have bought and given it away over 20 times in hardcopy and just as many times in digital version. If someone wants this and can't ...
Mariella Tamayo - Great author and love reading his books. Great for people who love to read books that focuses on being better.
Erika Jenkins - Highly recommend this book and all other books by this author in this series. It is incredibly eye-opening.
Molly Pearcy - If you have a kid that loves history then Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales is a great series to introduce them to. These graphic novels cover topics such as the Civil War, the Louisiana Purchase, World War I, World War II and the Donner Party. Hale's does not skip the brutality of these events but d...
Alden William - So awesome! It'll teach kids history while also giving then something to laugh about!
recommended by
Carol Mullins - Pair an orange blossom with Lilly for a wedding, or forget-me-not and cypress for funeral. This book has taught me so much about the meaning of flowers, a secret language during Victorian times. My daughter got this for my birthday and knows how much I love botany, horticulture and flowers. The c...
Liloo Manhoff - It is fascinating how many flower decorations you can make! This book explains the signification behind colors, associations, month, smell, and all the history you need to know about the art of flower! The vocabulary is simple, and time will fly as never before!
Bethany Kessler - A great read for almost anyone! The cat's not only have their own societies and laws/rules, but also their own religion. Memorable characters and so many deaths and losses, you almost question whether it was meant to be a children's book.
recommended by
Breanna Nave - Love this series. It is very captivating and very easy to get lost in the story. The characters are decent, and the plotline is fascinating.
recommended by
Dakota Stern - Although it was written more than 70 years ago, George Orwell's 1984 provides a fantastically sobering prophecy about the future of the world - of its governments and people.
Z M - Really appreciate this Orwellian read. It's perhaps more relevant in today's society than ever before. Highly recommend.
Karline Nogales - Juneteenth Day is approaching. If you are looking for a book to learn more about our past, equal rights, and the struggles of Black Americans and get insights into how we could come together to forge a brighter future, this is the perfect book for you.
recommended by
Cindy Sersig - A cute book with removable bandaids for the animals booboos.
Liz Stella - Published by Usborne books, it's a wonderful interactive board book with reusable stickers that act as plasters. Teaches my little on how things can be made all better. An adorable gift.
Kali Thompson - very useful and informative for us vet tech students!
Morgan Keith - The “Bible” of Vet Med drugs. It has a very extensive list of uses, actions, contraindications, etc. for almost every drug you can think of. Very handy.
Kelsy Horn - Very useful.
Erin Lee - My kids love the "Who Was?, What Was?, Where Is?, and What Is the Story Of?" book series. Fun way to learn about some awesome people and events in history!
recommended by
Chanette Campbell - Such a great read ! If your in a relationship or getting into a new one, please let this book be a center point. It helps you dig deep figure out what love truly means to you and how you view different areas of love in great detail !
Mary Pierce - This book helps you discover new ways to connect with your partner!
Elissa Tompkins - I have had both my kids signed up for this service since they were under a year. They send out a box of 5 books monthly, curated towards your child’s age and then you can read them and pick which books to keep versus send back? We’ve gotten so many great books from this! They also have an adult v...
Cheryl Brenner - Literati offers up a surprise box of new books every month, which makes a great gift for kids who enjoy new books. What I like is that we can donate five of our old books in each return box, and the company donates them to schools and charities.
Carol Mullins - Every child should have this book. The book’s final pages teach us that just one small seed, or one small child, can make a difference. Sidebar: When you spell Carol Backward... It’s Lorac. and I do speak for the trees
Elissa Tompkins - This book (series) is one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s a trilogy and it took so long for him to release the third book but it’s finally out.
Dakota Stern - In this text, Angela Davis offers a fantastic overview of the powerful social movements that contributed to women's liberation throughout the the U.S. from abolitionist days to the present.
Elexa Martinez - With a tween girl making sure we talk about all the things that have to do with the female body can be daunting to say the least. My daughter and I have so enjoyed reading these books together and they have really helped me to make sure I cover all the topics she needs to know about. I highly rec...
Liloo Manhoff - A fantastic book where people receive an alert before they die, announcing they are going to leave this world in the next 24h. It is a very touching story with many developed characters with fascinating backstories, and a wonderful universe.
Victoria Grinde - I love Tiffany Jenkins and when I found out she had a book I couldn't wait to read it. She goes through her life as an addict. It was very honest and she definitely didn't anything out. She's working on another book and I can't wait to read what she writes next!

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