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The best cameras of 2022

Emily Midgley - I may have stolen this from my 8 year old! I love instant photos and the throwback to my old Polaroid. Film can be expensive, but shop the sales!
Victoria Grinde - We got this for my 6yr old daughter and she loves it! She takes pictures of everything!
Mandi Pacer - Love this for exploring, special events, and having a "snapshot" from the past with a style of camera that's been iconic from decades ago. I don't enjoy paying oodles for the film every time you run out, but you just have to accept that price tag comes with the novelty.
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Mariella Tamayo - Love using this for instant pictures. Great when making a visual board.
Maria Ronquillo-Galicia - A friend has owned one before- she still owns one to this day. She love taking pictures with her camera, and her photos are very mesmerizing.
Alyssa Lehrer - Super cute and great for summer
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Victoria Grinde - I love to wear mine on runs and hiking. My husband love to use his on the motorcycle or biking. We have owned a few GoPros and this one is great!
Adam Wisnewski - Just got this! Still figuring out how to work it into my virtual cooking classes set-up, but it's top notch!
Nick Huzar - There’s nothing like being able to re-live a legendary run over and over again, even in the warmth of your house or the dead of summer. Helmet mounted HD cameras are at the pinnacle of their performance right now, and this one is great because its case is heavily shock absorbent and waterproof.
Patricia Burnett - Want to start vlogging? I use this camera daily to get great video content of any activity I do! portable efficitent and amaing quality
Holly Jean - Most amazing camera!
Zoe Gregorace - Love this camera- great for high quality photography!
Morgan Keith - My mom used to carry this thing everywhere and it took great pics
Clau C - My 8 year old daughter got this camera for Christmas and she loves it. Contrary to other instant cameras on the market, this one is very slim so it fits in her purse :) She takes it everywhere! The film is adhesive, which she also enjoys.
Laura Wilkinson - This is a great little camera to carry around and share pictures the old-school way. This makes a great gift for people of any age.
Mandi Pacer - This was the first DSLR camera I learned to shoot on in a previous social media/creation role for a casino resort company. At first it was a bit intimidating, but the very basic features surrounding light sensitivity (IOS) and depth of field (F-stop/aperture) were fairly easy to learn especially ...
Romer Garcia - This camera is a few tears old but it still has a very BIG 50MP Full -frame Sensor, which is perfect for commercial studio work!
Mariella Tamayo - Bought this camera thinking I wanted to be a side photographer. Instead I ended up buying it to take pictures of my friends events like baby showers , head shots, and just for fun! Plus it can easily connect to you phone for easy uploads!
Karissa Psathas - The first few months of creating content for my small business, I used my iPhone. I wanted to produce higher quality content for my followers and the brands I worked with so I decided to upgrade. My favorite part about this camera is the flip screen.—it's great for when you want to be in the fram...
Steve Banfield - Probably the best mirrorless digital camera I've ever had. Fast autofocus, small, great battery life and amazing resolution. I've also gotten adapters to use my old manual focus film lenses with it and the built it focus assist features make those work great.
Esther Kast - My husband prefers the FujiFilm camera brank. He was a professional photographer for years and swears by this camera!
Melissa Gallagher - I was ready to buy my first big girl camera of the digital age, and I went deep on research. I ended up getting a Fujifilm X-T30, and I'm really pleased with my purchase. It's a great balance between being a serious camera that takes great photos while also being small enough to carry around on a...
Alexa Kim - I have owned several of the G series --- in part because I've never been able to commit to a DSLR --- they are heavy, too big, and I'm definitely a point-and-shoot kind of gal. The video and picture quality far surpasses a phone and it is lightweight, you can sling it around you or put it around ...
Bryan Oliveira - making the best entry-level cinema and broadcast cameras hands down.
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Clau C - We have taken the coolest underwater pictures with this camera. We have enjoy it a lot!
Heather Roduner - We have been having sewer issues and wanted to get a look inside. This was the best price for longest length! We were able to get clear beautiful pictures of what we needed. The adjusting light brightness really helped when we were reflecting off the white pipe!
Alison Finkel - I love my Nikon D90 camera with assorted lenses. The camera is sophisticated enough to help you take really nice pictures, but light enough to pop in your purse and take on casual family outings. I never feel like I'm burdened by heavy equipment when I carry this camera, but I am able to capture ...

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