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The best cannabis of 2022

Anja Castillo - The classic soda with a tasteless full-spectrum 20mg hemp derived CBD. Definitely going to be trying this one with ice cream!! CBD floats, here I come!!
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Anja Castillo - Med Card Required to Purchase! This is unquestionably one of the best med-card buys! Fast-acting, DELICIOUS, and generous enough with the THC dosing that you can use 1 bottle more than once (usually, unless its one of THOSE days... haha!)
Anja Castillo - The perfect summer CBD drink on it's own or to mix. None of that artificial lemonade taste here! Relax with this or any of the other 2 summer pack!
Anja Castillo - Great, clean cartridges that, unlike Sauce Boss carts, don't have a weird aftertaste. Lots of different "flavors" so there's something for every toker. I recommend the gram carts as they seem to be more efficient than the .5's
Anja Castillo - Long-lasting, 1g carts that don't cost an arm and a leg (I got 2 for $45 out the door). Decent to vape, though the thin mint one had terpenes that tasted/smelled much more fruity than expected. Overall happy so far. I've had the 1 cart for almost a week and it's still going!
Anja Castillo - Small and discreet (only about 3" x 1.5" x .5" with a cartridge in), so its perfect for on the go or for places that you would like to be more incognito.
Anja Castillo - So far, one of my top 2 favorite of all CBD sodas I've tried in Denver. Perfect balance of flavor vs CBD content. Sati has done it again!
Anja Castillo - A great CBD oil that is relaxing and eases anxiety, stress, and minor body aches. It's dropper application makes it easy to either take directly into the mouth or mix into things (like my daily CBD Chai!)
Anja Castillo - So far my favorite-tasting CBD soda, though it comes in at a lower CBD content overall (20 mg). Definitely still gets the job done w/o leaving you a strange after-taste. Excited to try the rest of the brand!
Anja Castillo - Tastes just like a regular one--i think this brand might be the move for CBD mocktails! My new favorite CBD drink brand
Anja Castillo - A great, all-natural, non-sparkling CBD drink. Light and very refreshing despite being non-carbonated. Great brand. Try the whole summer pack!
Anja Castillo - Not my personal favorite, but a great choice if you're looking to maximize your CBD without sacrificing taste entirely. @ 25 mg, it's one of your higher concentrations in a can.

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