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The best cars of 2022

Nathan Kriege - I'm not a car guy at all, but I do care about my carbon footprint. We got by as a one car family for years, relying heavily on bicycles and public transportation, and using car2go or uber to fill in the gaps. When that became impractical, we decided to go electric for our second car. After a ton ...
Meg Solley - My favorite car I've ever had. It's zippy, casual, and fun; driving it feels a little like being in a cartoon. We have a 2015 model with a fairly limited range, and man it's such a drag when I have to use the "real" car and feel that dumb gas engine revving up and down.
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Kali Thompson - i absolutely love my passat! first car i bought on my own!
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Julie Joyce - We have a Forester and I have been happy with the car overall. It has x-mode, traction enhancer, which was super helpful during our winter/snow/ice event. Haven’t gone off roading, but have done some unpaved ranch roads and it was fine.
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Emily Law - One of the cutest cars I have ever owned!!
ashley sharp - I have a 2021 Seltos, Best car I've ever owned! affordable and reliable
Victoria Grinde - So if you are in the market for a new SUV you NEED to look into getting the Toyota 4Runner, more specifically the TRD/Venture! We had a 4Runner before so we aren't new to this type of vehicle but this version is so fun!!! I also love how the back window rolls all the way down (so great for the pu...
Elexa Martinez - We really like our Nissan Pathfinder. We got it used we also needed the 3rd row for our kids. I did not want a van. I love the way it handles it doesn't at all feel like I am driving as large of a vehicle as it is. Within the price range, it has such a smoother drive than the others we test drove...
Innoscent Malik - Love the sports package on my IS300.
Stephaney Gipson - My truck is a Chevy Colorado and I've had it for 3 years now and I am still enjoying it. I'm a Chevy girl!

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