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The best deodorants of 2023

Cindy Sersig - I wear Native deodorant. I've tried other brands but Native is the only one that doesn't leave an oily residue on my shirts. It doesn't prevent me from sweating which is negative for living in Arizona, but it's the only deodorant that I get continuous coverage for the body odor. I love all the di...
Lindsey S - This was given to me as a gift over a year ago and I was hooked! It's a great natural, aluminum free deodorant. The coconut & vanilla is my favorite and not too overwhelming of a scent.
Catherine Hazen - Native deodorant has been so great for me! I used to suffer from very irritated armpits and after switching to Native, that is no longer a problem! With no aluminum, phthalates, or talc, I feel it's better for my body. Their coconut & vanilla deodorant is the one I like best!
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Patricia Burnett - For people with hypohidrosis, this deodorant will be your best friend! it will minimize your sweat and not show on your light-colored clothes, and I trust this
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Morgan Keith - I prefer this over “women’s” deodorant
Emily Law - It is such a good smelling deodorant that keeps me fresh all day long
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Heather Roduner - I switched to Dove Aluminum free and have had great results with it.
Elizabeth Jimenez - Keeps you smelling really good!
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larissa Cole - What can I say, it’s a classic! I’ve used this pretty much my whole life, with a few alternatives thrown in the mix. It helps with odor and sweating. I’ve found not all deodorants do both, or not as well. I also find that if I don’t shower every single day, I still don’t need to reapply this, it ...
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Michael Lafears - It's a manly lavender scent that is not overwhelming but provides a noticeable high five to your senses. Great after a shower before bed.
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Anja Castillo - Tom's deodorant 100% smells great and is all natural (I use the lavender).
Brooke Piszczor - My boys only toothpaste they will use!
Emily Midgley - Simple deodorant that does the job without having a strong scent.
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Liz Stella - I like Weleda 24 Hour Roll-On Deodorant, Citrus, 1.7 Fluid Ounce. Their whole range is based on natural care and I like this product!
Ali White MacBeth - I don't like heavy deodorants that feel like there is a film on my armpit. And on a whim I purchased this from Whole Foods a couple weeks ago. I have to say, its my favorite. Its very light, has a unisex scent (yay!) and actually works (miracle). Since I work out every day and chase kids, I need ...
Paula Claure - A great deodorant, it really works, and smells great!
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Lindsey S - Keep them in your car, gym bag, or purse for a quick on-the-go refresher. Biodegradable with not too overwhelming of a scent.
Anja Castillo - Great natural alternative to traditional deodorant that is aluminum free and lasts all day!
Susan Stocker - As a user of only natural products, finding a good deodorant has been challenging, especially with an active lifestyle. This is the best out there with no chemicals, no artificial fragrances (just essential oils and other natural distillates, etc.) and it smells like a gorgeous perfume. In fact, ...
Cheryl Brenner - I feel ridiculous even writing about deodorant, but this one is worth the hype. I saw it on an Instagram ad, and after seeing it enough times, I ordered it. Now my whole family uses it. The scent of the Lume you buy doesn’t matter because it goes away after a short period of time, but after you u...
Michael Lafears - This is a new deodorant of the Dove Men+ Care line. I just tried it and I'm a new fan. Sandlewood and Orange is a unique combination but it works together well. I like that it's aluminum free.
Elexa Martinez - We buy Lafes’s deodorant stick Active Citrus & Beramot for our daughter, we have tried a lot for her and this is the one she really likes it.
Cindy Hawkins - I love the scent and the fact that it is aluminum-free. It has probiotics and CBD.
Preeti Viswanathan - Alaffia makes all plant based products, and they have a wonderful mission supporting really poor Togolese communities with higher than market wages and fair prices on all raw materials. Their shea butter is also hand pressed with traditional methods, and I loved the simplicity and authenticity of...

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