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The best dish soaps of 2022

Emily Midgley - Blue Original Scent Dawn is the only dish soap I use! It really does get grease and everything else off the dishes. Sometimes I will even use it to get stains out of the couch or carpet.
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Anja Castillo - Now I don't have to worry about chemicals getting into my family from our dish soap :) Cleans and suds up well, despite being plant-derived.
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Soledad Gonzalez - Game charger! Clean and natural, good price and plastic free!
Kelsey Lockard - These Dishwasher pods work great! The packaging is plastic free, the pods use natural minerals, and they do a good job of getting our dishes clean. Having it shipped routinely is also very convenient.
Emily Midgley - Cascade Platinum dishwasher pods are our go to product. I've tried a variety of brands and these are the ones that seem to remove all the food/grease etc and dishes come out clean. And our dishwasher doesn't smell.
Anja Castillo - Great for removing milk film and grease but plant-powered, unlike Dawn! Great lavender scent.
Heather Long - Calling all Memorial Day campers and picnickers: This product is for you! A spray on wipe, and rinse dish soap! GENIUS! Thanks @ProctorGamble
Preeti Suri - Cleaning up is just as important as eating, especially when it comes to taking care of the places we recreate in. When washing dishes, it’s important to minimize our impact. Unlike other harmful chemicals or plastics, bio washes pose little threat to existing ground vegetation or surrounding plan...
Meena Caputo - I love this brand of handsoap!
Madeline Savage - I basically use this brand for all cleaning products!
Kelsey Lockard - I am obsessed with these zero waste dish blocks. I try really hard to minimize the amount of plastic that I use in my daily life. This block was shipped to me completely plastic free and it has lasted so long. I have it resting on a small tile right next to my sink and then when I am doing dishes...

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