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The best dog treats of 2022

Mariella Tamayo - My dog loves these and it helps her stinky little breath!
Patricia Burnett - My dogs love these! I use the tiny ones with the mint; their breath has improved a lot!
Steve Dossick - I'll recommend Greenies, our vet has said at the last two annual checkups that our dog has amazing teeth and gums :)
recommended by
Alden William, Tammy Mayne and 1 other
Sandra J - Always have trusted these for our pups - i usually cut them in half to last longer....
Breanna Nave - Greenies is a good product to help fight tartar build-up on your pet's teeth, but make sure you get the right size for your dog or they won't do what they are meant to.
recommended by
Kali Thompson - make my dogs breath smell so much better!
morgan tucker - These work way better for my dogs than greenies. They enjoy them much more, and they make dog breath smell so much better!
Adisyn Smith - My dog's normal like their food but when I add this stuff on top they go nuts! they really love this stuff!
Kim Rachmeler - Unlike any other dog I've ever had, Bertie occasionally gets tired of his food. I rotate the flavors but it doesn't always work and I worry when he doesn't eat. But now I've discovered a food topper that gives his meals that extra oomph: Magical Dinner Dust. I sprinkle some over his regular food ...
Joshua Van Sant - These antlers are great. I get them from Chewy and they last a long time.
recommended by
Julie Joyce - There are different flavors of these rawhides that are a great size for our mid-sized dog. He gets super excited when the bag comes out, grabs his treat, then scampers off to enjoy.
Andre Palacios - Dog Chew to reward and entertain!
Brooklyn Benjestorf - Both our puppy and our cat goes absolutely bonkers for the freeze dried chicken and salmon from this brand. More than a few seems to do a number on their tummies, but for a treat they will do literal flips for—go for the freeze dried raw.
recommended by
Nancy Gillespie - These treats contain no corn, wheat or soy and no artificial preservatives. Soft for dogs with teeth issues. My dog loves them!
Carol Mullins - Great treat for training and rewards while working with your dog on manners. My dogs love em and will run when called, just to get their Zuke fix.
Katie Piepiora - Our senior dog loves these treats that do double duty -keeping his teeth clean and freshening his breath!
Jennifer Kyle - My dog loves eating. Nothing tickles his tastebuds quite like these treats. They make me happy too because they are good for him! Do not recommend the dog consume the entire bag at once unless you want a reason to purchase new flooring and repaint.
Sara Marie - If you've got BIG dogs who are able to chew through bones and toys in a short time, you must try these natural yak cheese Himalayan chews.

They are long lasting treat for those aggressive chewers and will keep them busy!
Jeff Mullins - Supports healthy joints and dogs like the taste
Brooklyn Benjestorf - Our puppy absolutely loves these - like will chew on it for hours on end loves these. They look like little burritos and are totally safe and humane.
Eiger and Emmy Dalzell - Eiger and Emmy can't get enough of Himalayan Dog Chews! We love this Mukilteo based product because it takes our big guys hours to get through them! Eiger and Emmy recommend buying your furry friend a bulk box of them for the holidays!
Molly Pearcy - My dog loves these! I love them because I feel like they are a healthy treat for her. I also love that the only ingredient is chicken!
Erin Lee - Small bone and heart shapes are created using ground turkey that has been dehydrated. Perfect for smaller dogs and for training!
Brooke Piszczor - Our puppies are BIG chewers & these naturally shed elk antlers are a MUST have - they have been working on the same one for months - no odor or worries about chunks being swallowed like other rawhides. We get ours from Pets Supplies Plus, but I am sure they are available elsewhere. pe...

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