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The best drinkwares of 2023

Patrick O'Donnell - I purchased this based on Andrew Bohrer recommendation, and have loved it! It's classy, sturdy, and seems to make everything that comes out of it taste better
Andrew Bohrer - I have the Bull in China mixing glass and expect I will for the rest of my life. The designers there are making gear that will last but has an elegant aesthetic. There isn’t much to say about durable, ideal tools that last forever, they just show up and work for you. In the case of Bull in China,...
Carly Canter - Great for a gift!
Meredith Fife - We love these glasses! They really are something special and we have given them to all of our out of state family members to remind them of the time they have spent in the PNW with us. The company also makes a Mt. Hood, St. Helen, Teton, Half Dome, and Colorado glass. They make terrific gifts for...
Zoe Gregorace - Love this glassware from Amazon; perfect for feeling fancy while drinking more iced coffee in the morning!
John Magliery - I like the heft and the hand feel of this glass, and it's the perfect size for an oversized ice cube. They feel timeless and classic, and make you want to slow down and really appreciate your cocktail.
Kira Carney - I love bringing reusable straws to restaurants (pre-Covid of course) but sometimes the metal straws hit my teeth and I hate that feeling! I bought these on Amazon and I'm really glad I did. They are so easy to put on the straws as well as take them off.
Victoria Grinde - Ordered my husband one of these super cool Ale Horn Tankards! He thought it was the coolest thing! Now he wants to order the horn cup for whiskey! Really cool unique gift for sure!
Courtney Smith - I mea, who doesn't want to drink cold beer out of a cowboy boot glass?
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Find the best products & professionals
with a little help from your friends.

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