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The best face masks of 2023

Victoria Grinde - Learned about this mask from a Fresh Chalk recommendation ... Ordered a couple and man this mask is awesome. Great for working out. Best mask for running that's for sure.
Lindsey S - This is perfect for my gym workouts and outdoor runs. It's surprisingly breathable and doesn't slide around on my face. It's also the first mask I've found that doesn't cause me to break out!
Esther Kast - My daughter bought me a couple of these masks. I love them. Great for wearing if you are out and about. I wear mine at the store, on walks and it is breathable.
Liz Pearce - Great, unique face masks (I wear mine all the time and sent some to family members!), reusable gift wrap, and other fun gifts from Seattle entrepreneur Jane Park. Check them out!
Suzanne Vetillart - These face masks are made with fun, high-quality fabrics. I love to gift these to friends and appreciate that they're made with such good quality. Even better, when you buy a mask, Tokki donates a mask. So far they've donated over 266,000 masks to date!
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Sandra J - I buy this box - when we are going to Disney and just keep one for day. Work and i love that they're black and not blue.
Laura Wilkinson - I have a box of these and love that they are black and fit snuggly. Perfect for protecting yourself and others from the Corona.
Mikaela A Kiner - Everyone keeps fighting over my breathable reversible Benni Mask!!
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Clau C - I love how well made these masks are. They fit my daughter's face perfectly, they have a pocket for a filter and they’re made of 100% cotton, perfect for Miami weather.
Andre Palacios - Must have!
Molly Pearcy - When your child needs to wear a mask not only do you want the mask to be effective but comfortable as well. After trying out lots of styles and brands these are my sons favorite. They fit his face in all the right spots. The adjustable ear straps makes the mask fits snuggly.
Joyce Ling - Love this mask! Before this I was only using disposable masks, and usually the sweat would get trapped in the mask, giving me rashes and drying out my face. This is thin, light, and breathable, while giving me protection I trust in!
Elexa Martinez - Looking for quality lanyards for the kids was hard but these are very durable, great quality and wonderful color selection there are enough of them for both my kids to have a good stash for school. I really like that they have the lobster claws that are much smoother on their skin that other clips.
Linda Lowry - It's time to Mask-up Seattle and do it with a customized fashion statement made-local by Seattle Designer Fay Woo!
Need to make a fashion statement with with your face mask? Contact Fay Woo.
Have a cause or business that you want to promote? Contact Fay Woo.
Stay Fashionably Safe with a Fay Woo C...
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Victoria Grinde - I have had a hard time finding masks for my daughter that fit her and didn't irritate her but also weren't overpriced. I was told to get these. They are great! She doesn't complain when she has to wear it.
Michael Stubbs - I teach college. I need a mask that looks good and that won't slip off my face while I talk for an hour in front of a room of young adults. Pair of Thieves provides three masks for $15. The masks come in a variety of fashionable fabrics. They are double layered. They have a pocket for a disposabl...
Ken Woodruff - The shape and rigidity of these masks creates a space in front of your mouth between your nose and chin so you don't get the unpleasant sensation of anything clinging to your mouth when you inhale. I find it is actually more comfortable to wear one of my cloth mask over these than to wear a cloth...
Laura Butler - Amba makes two-sided masks with gorgeous fabrics from Ghana. It's the side hustle of Jessica Dennis, the General Manager of Haymaker East (and Haymaker East is an awesome restaurant). I bought 3 and love 'em. I found out about Amba because I was eating at Haymaker and asked her about her fab mask.
Melissa Gallagher - There's so many face masks to choose from and try, but this has been my go-to favorite! First and foremost, it fits well. I have a small-medium size face (that's a weird thing to size up!), and some masks just feel like they're swallowing me whole. This is snug enough that it doesn't droop every ...
Travis Ritter - Local designer Jonquil & Mr. Black (aka Jordan Christianson) came to my rescue when I wanted to stock up on reusable cloth face masks early on in the pandemic. After trying out one, I noticed how well they fit and contoured my face without slipping, even with my large nose! And they're comfortabl...
Sydney Mintle - The silk face masks by Moonlit Skincare have quickly become my absolute favorite. I’ve literally purchased every available color and keep them in all of the handbags I own so that I’m never without my favorite mask. I initially purchased these masks to help with mask acne (which they are brillian...
Sydney Mintle - These silk face masks are great for sensitive skin and help combat mask acne.
Kenna Richards - In this pandemic we are always seeing new and different types of masks come out. But for me I love the brand "The Maskie". They are protective masks that also double as a scrunchy !! Personally I haven't used mine as a scrunchie yet but I do keep it comfortably around my wrist when I'm not using ...
Gina Tran - This is a great mask! It's multi-layered so it can filter out more droplets, even though it's not a N95 mask. It also has loops so you can hang it off your neck. It feels more durable than other cloth masks I've seen and it covers a large portion of your face. Tom Bihn is known for quality and wo...
Jamie Von Stratton - This Montreal based artist added facemasks to her repertoire during the pandemic. Primarily a corset maker, her signature style is using elaborately printed fabric of historical paintings as her corset bases. It is incredible work, and now you can have this in the form of face masks. Truly one of...

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