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The best fans of 2023

Melissa Gallagher - Can Dyson do anything wrong?? We have had their fan for a few years, and we run it every night. It's genuinely cooling, and it's almost silent. Especially love that there's no blades to catch tiny fingers. Plus, they look sleek!
Susan Smith - A bit pricey, but work well.
J V - Although they are on the pricey side, it has given me piece of mind with a little one crawling around. You don't have to worry about fingers finding their way through the safety guard and into the path of the spinning fan blades.
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Sandra J - This rechargeable little fan should not deceive you, it is clip on so practically can put it anywhere. Powered 10,000mAh, it has an LED Light (perfect for camping or when power goes out), 3 speed modes, 360° Rotation works great for baby stroller as well
Annette Bardot - I used this during my kids time in strollers and now for camping, the best!!!
Beth Brown - Great for going to the ballpark or taking to the lake!
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Clau C - Can't believe how many years this affordable fan has lasted us. It doesn't occupy much space and is very quiet.
Susan Smith - This is a great fan for college dorms.
Natasha Elizabeth - Great for small spaces!!
Emily Midgley - 20" Cadillac of fans! All the bells and whistles. 3 speeds, 4 hour timer, remote control, and a built in handle. We sleep with multiple fans and this one offers great white noise and long lasting quality.
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Carly Canter - Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have never required air conditioning in our house. When it gets hot, we get BIONAIRE. They offer floor, desk and standing fans.
Since working from home, I am in a stuff part of the house. I ordered a desk fan in May and I use it regularly, even now in December!
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Emily Midgley - A small, but mighty fan. I cannot sleep without the white noise from a fan so we have a lot fans! This one I use when we travel. You should see the looks from the security staff when my bag goes through the x-ray machine. This one has 3 speeds and is the perfect size to bring to a hotel etc.
Natasha Elizabeth - Totally agree with Emily!
Kira Carney - I've had this tower fan for five years. I bought it for my freshman year of college when the dorm had no air conditioning. It's about $65, so a little pricey but it is amazing and lasts a really long time. It also comes with a remote to control the movement and how high you want the fan.
Beth Brown - I use this at my home. It's totally worth the price since it's under $100 but has enough power to get the job done!
Cindy Sersig - These are a must when doing outside activities and sports here in Arizona. Battery operated, turn on and as you spray, the fan mists it all over to cool you down.
Natasha Elizabeth - Must have for hot days at the pool!!
Molly Pearcy - Summer at the lake is my favorite time of the year! Our cabin does not have air conditioning but with the Lasko 20" High Velocity Fan that is no problem. Our bedrooms and living space stay cool when this beast of a fan is running. It is loud but we all like the white noise while sleeping.
Emily Midgley - I love Lasko fans! This is another model we have. 20" and 3 speeds. Doesn't have all the bells & whistles of the Wind Tunnel, but it is just as awesome.
Karline Nogales - We have this portable fan in white color. We bought it a few years ago at Target, and it still works pretty well. It's lightweight and a little bit noisy. I'm happy with this product, and I would buy it again if needed.
Natasha Stracener - I bought this guy for Lollapalooza, but it has quickly become my favorite summer accessory! Not sure how I survived the TX heat or music festivals without this before. It’s the size of a smartphone, has a rechargeable battery, and you can wear it around your neck. It’s about $12 on Amazon and com...
Patricia Burnett - Perfect for on the go and being from Miami, this heat is Deadly! so a pocket fan can keep you from melting
Elissa Tompkins - We picked up a couple of these at Costco after several people recommended them. They are great little fans! I love the way they rotate all around!
Beth Brown - One of the smallest fans I've seen but it's great for close range. I use this for my pets!
Sandra J - In two years i feel like we've bought every kind including the Mickey hand (from Disney), this is hands-down the BEST one. It lasts 12-14 hours easily on 1 charge. It has 3 settings AND an LED light so if like to camp this is great. Also, coming for Hurricane season this is super b/c you can char...
Clau C - We bought this a couple of weeks ago to use outside. It's very powerful! Feels like the ones restaurants use in the Summer.
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Find the best products & professionals
with a little help from your friends.

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