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The best food containers of 2022

Victoria Grinde - These things are the best! We always have one on with us. My 15mn old carries his blue around with him everywhere. We put all sort of treats that are easy for him to get out.
Elissa Tompkins - We love these snack cups for all types of snacks. I love how easy they are to wash!
Ali White MacBeth - This saved me as a mom. It keeps the snack inside while your toddler can get each piece individually. No spills and cracker crumbs everywhere, yay! This was gifted to me by a fellow running mom.
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Carly Canter - From mixing bowls, to casserole dishes, to containers for leftovers...these products have been around for over 100 YEARS! Their quality is just amazing and they withstand so much heat! My parents have been collecting the older Pyrex for years, many items of which still usable to full function! Th...
Ryan Bruss - The 13x9 baking dish is a must have for every kitchen. They also make the best pie plates.
Chris Manderino - Love farmer's markets but hated to throw away food that went bad too fast. Found tupperware Fridgesmart and it keeps my fruit and vegetables lasting way longer than just the drawers in my fridge.
Heather Roduner - Love that these make my fruits and veggies stay better for longer! I probably get an extra week out of some produce! I also use one to keep cheese on!
Carly Canter - Any type of glass container is already a winner in my book. But these are some of the best on the market!
Kelsey Lockard - I love this set, not only because they are glass and the lids work great- but because they are all square/rectangular! They stack so much easier in both the cabinet and fridge than previous sets I have had with circular containers. Makes them great for meal prepping.
Kim Rachmeler - These containers are my pantry favorites. Their airtight seal means everything stays fresh and that even brown sugar doesn't get hard. The pop top is easy to open without any special hand strength. I have them in many different sizes; the 4.4 quart size is perfect for a 5lb bag of flour.
Victoria Grinde - I love LOVE love these containers! I made it a point this year to get more organized in my kitchen ... these help q ton!

NEW OXO Good Grips 3-Piece POP Container Variety Set
Molly Pearcy - While packing my children's lunches I was discouraged by how much waste we were producing each day with all the plastic. I purchased the Youngever Bento Lunch Boxes and have said good bye to plastic baggies! The three separate compartments are the perfect size for my kids lunches or my own. It is...
Lindsey S - This avocado holder with an adjustable strap secures your uneaten half and keeps it fresh. We use it constantly and keeps avocados fresh for longer.
Carly Canter - An affordable plastic bag alternative! These are COMPOSTABLE too! Never need to use plastic bags ever again.
John Magliery - This Lunchbots thermos is great for soup or pasta and is piping hot when my kids open it four hours after I packed it. Now my kids love to ask me for “hot lunch” instead of a sandwich. I also like the other stainless steel, dishwasher safe and reusable (environmentally friendly) other containers ...

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