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The best grills of 2023

Amy Posner Wolff - I got this grill at Home Depot just in time for the nice weather. It's the perfect size for a reasonable price.
Erin Lee - My husband loves all things Weber, this grill has served our family well for several years :)
Allison H - We use this all summer - so easy to use and grills to perfection!
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Katie Taylor, Ted Ellis and 1 other
Victoria Grinde - We use our Traeger ALL THE TIME. We use ours easily 3-4 times a week. We use it to not only cook our meats but we smoke veggies on it as well. I used to hate using our "normal" grill before we got the Traeger. Now I think I am starting it/using it more than my husband does ;)
Meredith Fife - I know that I am way late to the Traeger craze, but we love ours! I bought our grill right before Covid hit for my husband's birthday and it was a game changer. We grilled and smoked meat all during quarantine and we were so happy with it's results. The electronic start ignition is great and ther...
Esther Kast - I am not sure how we managed before we got our trager. It makes the perfect addition to our flat top. I think my husband uses it 4-5 times a week.
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Victoria Grinde - We got our Blackstone Grill from Sam's Club and let me tell you, we love it. We like to do our own Hibachi dinners, onion volcano and all. We also have done breakfast on it. It is easy to clean and I like how you can only turn on one side if you might not be cooking a massive feast.
Esther Kast - This thing is the coolest thing ever! We love cooking on it for pretty much every meal. Cooked eggs on it and hashbrowns, delicious!
Cassandra Gholston - This grill was my birthday present this year! Highly recommend it, if you like using a cast iron skillet to cook with, you'll love this grill. It's a giant cast iron flat top. Comes with an airfryer and warmer drawer. Great grill for the Arizona outdoor lifestyle!
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Molly Pearcy - The Weber Master-Touch Charcoal Grill provides a great grill experience in a small package. This is a nice grill if you would like to have a grill but don't have a large outdoor space. My family has had this grill for several years and it has performed consistently well.
Andre Palacios - Keep Calm and Don’t Worry. Best all around BBQ.
Esther Kast - We have a smoker and a flat top but my husband refuses to get rid of our Weber charcoal grill. He says that it creates a taste that is unique and no grill can replicate.
Timothy Sersig - I have had this for about a month now and have loved having it every since. I was a little skeptical at first due to the price, but figured what the heck I am tired of the cheap products i have owned over the course of my life. This grill has defiantly changed the game and Now i am kicking myself...
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Julie Joyce - A nicely laid out grill. There is a burner on one side and the other side has a nice little counter type space you can set things of so it isn’t a balancing act at the grill. Has held up very well through the long Texas summers of grilling.
Lindsey S - Great grill! Heats evenly and perfect temperature for searing steaks.
Jordan Cook - I've also considered my Dad a master griller, and he has this grill. It really helped complete his outdoor setup. And everything that comes from that grill is amazing!
Meena Caputo - What a great grill! Nothing but good things to say!
Z M - We've got the smaller Q1200 Gas Grill with a portable stand, and we use it often. Easy to clean and store.
Mandi Pacer - This grill is perfect for Carne Asada and Hibachi-style grilled meals. The heat is evenly disseminated across the heating plate and always cooks the meat and other sides perfectly.
Peter Hamilton - This grill and smoker is one of the most versatile pieces of BBQ equipment for burning real wood and charcoal. It is perfect for long smokes with incredible insulation to keep the heat going. It also has several ways to configure the interior for deflecting heat, grilling at high heat, and even s...
Victoria Grinde - We take this camping with use. It doesn't take up too much space, easy to pack, and works great! Better than some of the other portable grills we have had in the past.
Jeff Mullins - Like a Regular size Weber Charcoal grill but small enough to pack for tailgating, picnics and camping.
Emily Midgley - This grill has everything we need - two stainless steel tables that fold down, porcelain enameled cast-iron cooking grates that are easy to clean, two burners and a one-touch igniter button.
Jeff Mullins - Versatile smoker or regular grill at a third of the price of the more expensive ceramic Kamados
Andre Palacios - The Best addition to your Webber Kettle. You can smoke like a Pro.
Karline Nogales - A great option for indoor grills. It's affordable and easy to use. I have grilled salmon and chicken so far, and the taste is divine.
Cindy Hawkins - We wanted a propane gas grill that wasn't too big. It also has a side burner, which is perfect. We are very happy with this Char-Broil Classic.
Dakota Stern - This grill is great for long weekends at the lake. Its folding legs and latching hood make this grill conveniently compact and easy to carry.
Kristin Sherman - The grill is great! Having a spouse that loves to grill on it makes it even better :). The rotisserie figure is so great for making chicken and picahna steak. He also bought the additional flattop you can put over the grill and it makes really juicy burgers.

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