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The best hiking shoes of 2022

Erin McDonald - Love my Solomon hiking boots! The only problem is about 4 of my friends have the same pair, but we all love them. Literally climbed mountains in these puppies and got no blisters, and stayed dry.
Z M - For warmer weather hikes I enjoyed my Salomons for 11 years. They're completely worn out now so I'll need to get new ones for spring/summer. They've been on hikes across Australia, the middle east, and the US. I've got narrow feet and high arches but I'm sure they've got some wide hiking shoes too.
Travis Keen - Very comfortable shoes for a day hike.
Jeff Mullins - I love the wide toebox in the shoe, great arch support and comfort,
Alexa Kim - I am die-hard Keen. I have a great pair of hiking boots + husband + oldest son love their Keen boots. Just got the 11-year old his first pair of Keen hiking boots.
Sarah Colton - Love these! Super comfy and oh-so-cute! They'll be perfect for hiking in the Poconos!
Kira Carney - These are the best hiking shoes I've ever had.
Amy Posner Wolff - I love my Hoka hiking boots. They are super light weight and comfortable.
Paige Emricson - I actually LOVE my Sketchers hiking boots. Surprisingly durable and waterproof. They've seen me up and down Colorado hiking trails and mountainsides with my dogs time and time again!
Meredith Fife - I am on my 5th pair of Peregrine’s and they continue to be my favorites. They drain easily and have a rockplate that will keep your feet protected from sharp rocks. The lugs also help grip on all those uphills and downhills. I usually buy last year's model around Christmas time every year on sale...
Emmy A - My favorite shoes ever!
Kye Peven - If you're aware of the benefits of barefoot/minimalist shoes and are willing to take the time to strengthen your feet the Vibram Five Fingers are excellent, and they have ones with thicker soles for more protection. I always do long hikes in Five Fingers.

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