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The best icecreams of 2022

Melissa Gallagher - Got these in chocolate chip cookie dough for a light treat, and I'm really enjoying them. They will definitely be in my rotation for healthy desserts!
Patricia Burnett - This was a great alternative to regular ice cream! Who would have thought ice cream can give you some protein with amazing taste! But be warned! Once you start eating it, you can stop it is that good!
Jordan Cook - Yes, these are my alternative when I feel like I've had too many calories of real ice cream. One bar is about 100 calories.
Elexa Martinez - Here in Texas we have HEB and they have their own brand called Creamy Creations and they have a seasonal Chocolate covered strawberry I am obsessed with!
Cindy Hawkins - I am a a big fan of HEB creamy creations! Butter pecan is my favorite!
Julie Joyce - Hard to beat chocolate and cherries together in my opinion!
Mandi Pacer - Pick these sweet, cool treats up at most major grocery stores. The outer coating resembles a marshmallow texture and the ice cream within completes the decadent taste profile of the fun dessert.
Karline Nogales - Peanut Butter from Ben & Jerry's. I love it!
Emily Midgley - My all-time favorite is the Bryers Waffle Cone. It is similar to Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream but way better!!!
Liz Stella - I've been a little obsessed with Alden's Organic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, they stock it at Whole Foods. It's a creamy, delicious vanilla that combines perfectly with any flavour cone or topping you desire. So good!
Joyce Ling - Have you had boba? What about brown sugar boba? Love it? But HAVE YOU TRIED IT IN POPSICLE FORM?! Wowza, it's delicious. I don't know what trickery they use on these popsicles, but the boba stay nice and soft even in the center of a frozen dessert. Highly recommend.
Mara Rosenstock - Creamy and low calorie, def the best tasting low cal ice cream
Emily Midgley - While on vacation I had the most amazing flavor of ice cream - Toasted Coconut- and when I was the grocery store I tried to find that flavor. I took a chance in Giffords and it paid off. The toasted coconut is chocolate covered making it taste just like a chocolate covered macaroon. Soooo good!
Emily Midgley - These were an impulse purchase and I wasn't expecting them to be any good, but they are actually not bad at all! I would definitely buy them again!
Lindsey S - I was recently introduced to these wonderfully delicious gems! Highly recommend!!

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